Delicate Contouring by Color Touch

Natural-looking colour with softer and more delicate placement.

This look uses a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques with different placements of depths and tones around the face and within the interior to create the deception of light and shade.

Dark colours are great to shorten and narrow the face shape, light colours help to add length and width. This changed the appearance of any face shape by defining and re-contouring facial features and incorporated with the colour equation enhances natural skin tone and eye colour to their most attractive beauty effect.


Colour Formulas:
A Color Touch 7/97 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%
B Color Touch 9/97 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Step 1: Use a razor for softness and cut to the desired length


Step 2: Connect the back to the slides with point cutting and soften the ends with thinning scissors


Step 3: On the top take vertical sections and over direct the hair towards the front keeping the length, point cut.



Step 1: Section hair as shown starting at the back section area of the head.


Step 2: Apply colour A in the back section and isolate with colour pads or foils.


Step 3: Apply colour B in the front section. Develop, rinse, shampoo and neutralise.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Extra Volume and dry the hair with a small round brush leaving another brush in the hair to cool and fix the shape.


Step 2: Finish the look with a tong by creating a soft barrel curl for added texture. Finish off with EIMI Sugar Lift to create a voluminous grippy texture.


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