New Year, New Salon

Making a few slight changes to the way you run your salon could have a BIG impact…and now’s your chance! There’s no better time to make those little changes, and make a BIG difference to your salon business. Here’s a few resolutions your salon could adopt in the New Year:

1. Who are your customers?

This is key information and should be the basis for any marketing campaigns your business launches this year. Find out what makes your customers choose you over your competition, and tailor your services and communication more effectively.

2. Your staff are your biggest asset!

Invest time and money in recruiting and training your staff, after all they represent your business on a day to day basis. If your team is knowledgeable and well-motivated they will be your biggest asset – not only for attracting new clients, but for retaining existing clients too.

The customer experience begins before your client steps foot in the salon, and ends well after they leave, so make sure that each experience is a positive one and a true representation of your brand. Make sure your booking service is as efficient as possible every time, be it by phone or online, and that follow up appointments and relevant after care procedures are carried out.

4. Promote your services

Promote your services across as many channels as you have access to and have confidence using, for example social media, email, your website or texting. Make sure you don’t just contact customers when you are running special offers though, you should be communicating with them regularly to keep them engaged with your brand.

5. Host an event

This is a great way to expand your client base and to re-engage your existing clients. If you’re taking on a new product range, or offering a new service, an in-salon event is a great way of getting the word to spread. Offer how-to demonstrations and exclusive on-the-day discounts to get clients booking in!

6. Give all clients a super service

Regular customers are generally less likely to switch their services to another salon, but it’s really important that this loyalty is not taken for granted. Offer clients the best service every time they visit – no matter how regular a customer they are – and leave them feeling pampered and wanting more!

7. Consultation

A good consultation is key to any treatment or service, so that you can get a full understanding of your client’s expectations, and they can ask you any questions they might have before it gets underway. A bit of professionalism goes a long way in building trust with your clients, and their faith in your expertise.

8. Reward your clients’ loyalty

Loyalty schemes are a great way of rewarding your clients for their repeat custom, and encourage them to choose your salon each time for their treatments. Recommend a friend based incentives are another way to reward clients and demonstrate your appreciation for them choosing you.

9. Motivate your team

Every member of your team (when trained and motivated) can add value to your business. Make sure that they are included in business discussions and take all their opinions on board. If they buy into what you’re doing and want to be involved, they’ll help you go the extra mile.

10. Don’t get complacent

No matter how successful your salon becomes, don’t ever get complacent. In this industry, competition is literally just round the corner, and they could creep up on you before you know it!

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