Following the frenzy of the Christmas party season, January and the new year welcome a time of reflection within the salon industry. The beginning of a new year invites the opportunity to re-evaluate where you are currently and the goals you want to achieve for the year ahead.

Whether you are a salon owner, freelancer, or salon professional, it is essential to take some time to nail down your targets and goals. In this guide, we’re helping you prepare for the new year by giving you some inspiration when it comes to creating new year resolutions for 2023.

New years resolutions for Salons in 2023

Making slight changes to how you run your salon could have a BIG impact…and now’s your chance! There’s no better time to make those little changes and make a meaningful difference to your salon business.

1. Focus on your salon marketing to spread the word.

With many clients adopting a ‘new year, new me’ approach, set a goal to attract as many people as possible who might be looking for a 2023 refresh regarding their hair and beauty routines. The best way to do this is by ensuring that your salon business’s name and your amazing work are getting in front of as many people as possible.

You can achieve this by promoting your services, special offers, client testimonials and your recent work across as many channels as you have access to, for example, via social media, email, your website or texting.

Have you considered using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to help support your marketing efforts? At Salons Direct, we have written various guides on attracting new clients through social media, including how to use TikTok and Instagram Reels as part of your salon marketing strategy and social media hacks to boost your salon business.

Make sure you stay consistent and regular with all of your marketing efforts to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. 

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2. Try new salon products.

Salons Direct products to try

The new year could be the perfect opportunity to try some different professional salon products. You may, for example, wish to introduce vegan products as part of your salon offering or start using a renowned brand such as OLAPLEX . Offering new products might attract new clients through your door, so don’t forget to let people know what’s new at the salon. 

Another idea is to create a dedicated salon retail area for clients to buy professional products in the salon that they can use at home in between appointments. Alternatively, if you work in or own a beauty salon, the new year could be the perfect time to invest in new salon furniture.

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3. Host an in-salon event.

Hosting an in-salon client event is a great way to expand your client base and re-engage your existing clients. An in-salon event is also a fantastic way to spread the word if you’re taking on a new product range or offering a new service.

You could offer demonstrations such as achieving the perfect curly blow dry at home and exclusive on-the-day discounts to get clients booking in with you throughout the first quarter of the year.

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4. Improve your salon services.

Woman in salon receiving loyalty scheme

Regular clients are generally less likely to switch their custom to another salon, but this loyalty must not be taken for granted. The new year is an excellent opportunity to see what you can do to offer clients the best service every time they visit.

No matter how successful your salon becomes, don’t ever get complacent. In this industry, competition is literally just around the corner, and they could creep up on you before you know it!

Loyalty schemes are a great way of rewarding your clients for their repeat custom whilst encouraging them to choose your salon each time for their treatments. Recommend-a-friend-based incentives are another way to reward clients and demonstrate your appreciation for them choosing you.

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5. Refine your salon consultation process

A good consultation is key to any treatment or service so that you can fully understand your client’s expectations and agree on the approach and price. The new year is a good time to revisit your consultation process. Perhaps you need to provide some extra training for your staff or revisit your salon consultation form? Take some time to see if any improvements can be made. And if you need a hand, discover our in-depth guide on how To Achieve The Perfect Salon Consultation.

6. Think about investing in a salon booking app.

Booking app

2023 may be the year that you decide to invest in a salon booking app. There are many benefits to digitalising how your salon business or freelance business runs. For example, some salon booking apps not only allow you to manage appointments, but they can also help with stock management, HR matters and invoice management.

The customer experience begins before your client steps foot in the salon and it ends well after they leave, so ensure each experience is a positive and accurate representation of your business. Make sure your booking service is as efficient as possible every time. We have previously created an in-depth guide on the best salon booking apps to use in 2022, where we share everything there is to know about choosing and using a salon booking app for your hair, beauty or barbering business.

7. Motivate your team.

Invest time and money in training your existing staff to be the best they can be. After all, they represent your business on a day-to-day basis. If your team is knowledgeable and well-motivated, they will be your biggest asset, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Every member of your team can add value to your business. Make sure they are included in business discussions and take all their opinions on board. If they buy into what you’re doing and want to be involved, they’ll help you go the extra mile.

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8. Get on top of admin and the jobs you’ve been putting off.


The new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf and really get on top of any jobs you’ve been putting off. This could be giving the salon a fresh lick of paint, performing a deep Spring clean, organising the stock room or getting on top of emails and paperwork.

Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, make January 2023 the time you get it done! Not only will you feel better for it, but you’ll also make space for new ideas to come to fruition.

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9. Take some time for yourself.

As we mentioned earlier in this blog article, the busy period around the Christmas party season can really take it out of you. That’s why it is important to take some time in January 2023 to reflect on the year that has passed and give yourself permission to take a break for this moment of reflection. Perhaps now is the time to book in for some pampering for yourself?

10. Stay positive and have fun.

The year ahead is an exciting time to start fresh, set your goals and intentions and work hard to make them happen. It is, however, important not to be hard on yourself if things don’t go exactly to plan and you encounter bumps in the road. Times are tough, but by bringing a positive outlook and finding ways to enjoy the ride, you’re doing everything possible to achieve a prosperous 2023.

Whether you plan to make your salon more eco-friendly or grow your client base by x%, we’d love to hear about your new year goals.

Have you set your intentions for 2023?

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