Whether you’re a salon owner or a freelance professional, there’s an increasing number of beauty businesses emerging on TikTok. After all, it’s a visual platform, making it the perfect platform for professionals to showcase their work. 

TikTok can be used to find useful tips and educational content, from hairstyling to detailed advice from professionals – you name it, TikTok has it!

One of the most popular corners on the app is SkinTok. Just as the name suggests, it’s where you’ll find a variety of skincare advice, along with popular skincare influencers.

Are you interested in staying up to date with on-trend skincare products and treatments? Read on to discover the 10 SkinTok influencers you need to follow… 


Skincarebyhyram is the leading SkinTok influencer, with over 6.8 million followers and counting. 

Hyram shot to fame when his review of Kylie Skin Cosmetics went viral, where we saw him warn off his unsuspecting followers from purchasing the on-trend skincare range.

Skincarebyhyram has earned trust amongst his followers, as he gives an honest and transparent opinion on some of the most on-trend and mainstream skincare brands on the market. 

Although Skincarebyhyram has a comedic flair to his videos, he also creates a variety of refreshing yet educational skincare content. Topics he covers include the do’s and don’ts of skincare, routines, duet reactions, and product reviews. 


Up next, we have none other than the Dermdoctor, who has a huge following of 6.5 million. 

The Dermdoctor (Dr. Shah) is a professional dermatologist who uses TikTok to educate others, as well as spreading awareness on how to combat skin irritations. 

You’ll find Dr. Shah’s content full of insightful knowledge on a variety of skincare topics. His most recent videos revolve around honest reviews of professional product lines, along with industry tips and tricks for other professionals working in the beauty industry. 


Yayayayoung has over 1.5 million followers, making him one of the most well-known SkinTok influencers out there.

Yayayayoung specialises in creating skincare product recommendations. You can expect to find him trying out skincare fads and other popular skincare products, giving viewers honest, and sometimes brutal reviews.

The influencer also shares tutorials on different skincare routines to suit a range of different schedules, along with topic matters such as the dangers of UV exposure, and the importance of providing the skin with protection.  


Up next we have 208skindoc (Dr. Dustin Portela) coming in with just over 1.3 million followers. He also has a youtube channel under the same name that has in-depth versions of his TikTok videos. 

Dr. Dustin’s content is centred around learning about different skin types and conditions, and how to care for them better. He also provides honest reviews on different skincare tools, as well as product lines. 

Dr. Dustin believes that no skincare product or routine is a one-size-fits-all, so his videos are made to provide his audience with professional information that isn’t readily available. Followers can discover what professional products will work best for different skin types. 


The next Skintok influencer is Dr.tomassian, a dermatology resident with a following of 965.2k. 

Dr. tomassian’s videos are lighthearted and easy to follow. He can be found debunking harmful skincare myths, hosting Q&As, as well as dishing out interesting facts about habits that could be worsening the appearance of skin. 

The SkinTok influencer offers his followers a positive and friendly approach to all things skincare. So if you want to discover more on skincare myths and professional advice – Dr.tomassian can help. 


Teawithmd (Dr. Joyce Park) is another popular skintok influencer, with a follower count of over 372k.

Dr. Joyce can be found trying out fad skincare trends and educating on different skincare drug treatments, and how they could react in conjunction with certain professional skincare products. 

The TikTok influencer also offers refreshing insights on vegan product lines that she recommends using, along with showcasing different plant-based skincare routines to try out. 

Her witty tone makes for a fun twist on complicated skincare discussions, so we highly recommend checking her out for all the latest gossip on popular skincare. 


Bauerbeaty (Jennifer Bauer) is a certified esthetician, with her work featuring in publications such as Cosmopolitan. Jennifer makes detailed videos around three topics: sensitive skin, acne, and anti-ageing. 

Bauerbeauty has over 340k followers on TikTok, with her popularity stemming from the engaging yet transparent videos that she posts daily. She also shares candid videos on her journey with skin issues, documenting her struggle so that her followers can relate. 

Jennifer can be seen giving reviews on skincare products sourced from affordable outlets, to determine whether they’re worth using or if her followers should avoid them. 


Charlotteparler is a skincare guru with just over 262k followers on TikTok. The skincare influencer is known as the go-to for all things SPF. Her videos are based on reviewing mainstream brands that claim to offer SPF protection. 

The influencer also shares her views on commonly used skincare medications, informing her followers of the dangers and benefits of each one. 

The skincare guru has episodes that she posts throughout the week that are dedicated to specific skin-related topics. These include “Throw it out now” and “coffeetok”, where she candidly discusses her experiences with certain product lines. 

Charlotteparler’s a great skincare influencer to follow if you like honest and unpopular opinions. Her content is informative yet easy to follow, which can be used either personally or in the salon. 


The self-proclaimed “skincare big sister” of the internet, Cassandrabankson is a well-known YouTuber with over 1 million followers. She can now be found posting videos daily over on TikTok. 

The skintok influencer spreads positivity and awareness on different skin types, showing the dangers of what we see online. Her videos revolve around debunking commonly used filters that hide blemishes, working hard to normalise imperfect skin. 

Cassandra’s platform features a variety of skincare content, such as live Q&As and videos of her performing professional skincare procedures on her clients.


Dermbeautydoc, also known as Dr. Howard, is another fully qualified professional dermatologist operating on TikTok. 

Dr. Howard is an upcoming skintok influencer, obtaining just over 146.1k followers, known for her skincare content. You’ll find her videos to be concise, straight to the point, and easy to follow – with no sugar coating on products she deems unfit for practice.

Dr. Howard offers useful content targeted towards other professionals on which skincare products are safe and won’t cause further irritation to common skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. 

So now you know that TikTok isn’t just for funny videos! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the most popular SkinTok influencers on the scene in 2021. Don’t forget to check out our extensive range of skincare products at Salons Direct!

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