To celebrate 30 years of Salons Direct supplying the hair industry, the team at Pulp Riot have asked 30 of their favourite hair artists to share 30 of their best Pulp Riot colour recipes! Whether you’re new to Pulp Riot or already love and use their High-Speed Toners, Faction8, Semi-Permanent Colour, Liquid Demi-Permanent Colour, or Bleach Developers, see how Pulp Riot’s hair artist ambassadors use their favourite Pulp Riot products to create some fantastic colour combos.


Salons Direct has been inspiring the industry along with Pulp Riot since we launched in the UK.

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woman with dark hair at the back and rainbow orange, pink and green hair at the front


My favourite formula is definitely a smudge from interstellar 12-12 to Silver High-Speed Toner, as it gives me the perfect depth. I love to mix opposite colours to create a muted tone. On this hair, I used 20g Blush, 10g Absinthe & 20g Clear. Over section is mercury.


man with sunglassses on and multi coloured long hair


My favourite formula is vibrant blue shades. I used to pre-tone after a scalp bleach before mixing blue, but it always had a tiny shade of green underneath the surface. Instead, I found that if I just mix a purple/pink colour with the blue, that one will work as a pre-toner, contrasting the warmth completely and, consequently, no greenish shades at the end. So the result will be a pure, vibrant blue.

This also improves the contrast of green when the colour starts fading, not allowing it to become aquamarine but staying true to tone, becoming a more pastel blue wash after wash. My formula for the blue in the picture: Fresh hair after bleach level 9-10, ½ Nightfall & ½ Jam. For a deeper blue, I recommend 2/3 Nightfall & 1/3 Velvet.

mans side profile wearing a mask with a bright orange ombre mohawk hair style


This concoction is my interpretation of the energy I get from being outside in nature. I think it’s really important in this day in age to still have that connection with being outside and switch off from modern society. I love being outside, in amongst the grass and trees; it’s great for the mind, body and soul. So I wanted to create this kick-ass, feel-good-vibes green for my client; 30g Firefly, 30g Area51, 20g Mercury, 10g Aftermath & 5g Satire.


back shot of a woman with long orange curled hair


 My favourite formulas are 10g Icy & 3g Natural High-Speed Toner because it makes a beautiful creamy light beige blonde but neutralises unwanted warm tones! I also love Silver & Icy Toner in equal parts to make the perfect platinum Silver. Finally, I love 10g Rose Gold and 3g -55 F8 Booster because it gives my Rose Gold looks that extra punch of Pink.

woman wearing glasses with long pink and silver hair


 My favourite formula is Silver & Icy  High-Speed Toner in equal parts, it’s the perfect Platinum Silver! 

back of womans head with pink and orange curled hair


My Favourite formula is Clear mixed with a few drops of Fireball to create the most offensively bright neon pink. It’s a real show stopper!

back of womans head hair has pink roots and yellow ends


One of my favourite formulas is Cupid, Fireball & Lemon 10:5:1 to make a beautiful bright raspberry colour that isn’t currently available in the range. 

side profile of woman with long silver, blue and lilac hair


Blue muse and clear look amazing, teamed with lilac! I created this ribbon-like vivid look with these shades, which is my favourite. 

back of womans head woman has long silver lightly waved hair

Icy  & Moonstone 1:1. is one of my favourites for an icy platinum blonde. Adding Moonstone into Icy helps to keep your platinum bright; it’s softer than Icy, so softens it slightly but without taking away the power of either of them. Together they really pack a punch when it comes to neutralising warmth, leaving a gorgeous bright icy platinum blonde.

back of womans head long hair with purple, yellow, green and silver sections


My favourite formulas from Pulp Riot are quite a selection, from high-speed toners to semi-permanents. You can be reassured you can tone hair in 5 mins with High-Speed Toner or use semi-permanent and let them sit for the full 40 mins. Depending on my day, I know what I want to reach fir with my time limits. My favourite formula from the high-speed toners is 1 part Silver to 3 parts peroxide left for 15 minutes for the perfect irredentist Silver. From the semi-permanent range, I can’t fault one colour but my favourite Noir and the neon collection and that they’re all intermixable to create endless shades! Perfect consistency to create masterpieces.

back of womans head long purple and silver hair


My favourite formula is 20g Icy, 30g Silver & a dot of Violet High-Speed Toners for the perfect Metallic Silver Grey. This has become one of my favourite formulas since lockdown. A lot of my clients have grown out of their old dark colours and embraced their natural Silver roots, this formula is so versatile. I use it after pre-lightening sections of old grown out colour to blend the natural grey so the client can grow their roots out easier. It’s also a way to spice up the remaining natural white hair creating a more metallic Silver and giving it an added twist. It works for all ages too, and can also be a fun toner for those wanting a change in their usual bleached blonde hair.

womans pink hair shown from the back

 My favourite formula is 10g of Rose Gold High-Speed Toner and a -55 booster from Faction8! It creates the perfect Rose Gold with an extra punch of Pink! 

woman with long silver blonde hair in salon


My favourite formula is 10-2 & 10-03 from the Liquid Demis! This creates the perfect clean and creamy bright Blonde!

two images of womans creamy blonde hair that is curled


 My favourite formula is creating my blank canvas with 10vol and domination highlights lifting to a level 9. Once lifted, I like to shadow it over with equal parts of Liquid Demi 5-8 & 6-1 and blend it into my ultimate favourite high-speed toner, which is Icy.

back of womans head. woman is holding a section of hair which is coloured pink


1 part Fireball to 2 parts Cupid with Pulp Riot’s Semi-Permanent colours. It’s the perfect hot pink! All of Pulp Riot’s colours have a fantastic cool tone to them, but I personally love a vibrant Pink with a bit of warmth to it. The Fireball adds that extra bit of warmth and makes the pink really pack a punch while still fading true to tone – even with the added warmth, it still fades true to Pink!

back of womans head with blonde hair and iridescent section


This Watermelon Sugar look is my favourite formula! I love how bright and summery it is, but also pastel used and subdued. I chose these colours because I thought it was a perfect mix of pastel with a hint of neon to keep it interesting and bright! Pink- Blush & Cupid & Clear, White- Clear with a drop of Nevermore, Green- Seaglass & Area 51 & Clear.

back of womans head showing dark hair blending into purple and blue


My favourite formula is 10g Clear, 5g Cupid, 10g clear, 3g lemon, 1g Cupid, 10g clear, 5g lemon, 10g sea glass, 5g clear, 5g aquatic, 10g powder, 10g clear and 5g velvet because it creates a kick-ass rainbow!

side view of womans hair that is green at the top and blue at the bottom


My favourite formula is Area 51 & Absinthe for the green with Nightfall & Decoy for the Blue. It’s my absolute favourite because the colours sit together so well and create amazing shine & due. To mix deeper and lighter tones, I can mix the semi-permanent together to create a bespoke colour for my clients each time.

full shot of wolder woman with short pink, blue and silver hair



My favourite formula is Mercury, Blush and Powder because the colours sit so well together and create a beautiful palette of colours.

side profile of woman with short peach coloured hair


One of my go-to formulas has got to be High-speed toner Pale pink and rose gold in equal amounts, this creates the most delicious, warm blush pink, which over time fades to a pastel peachy pink – my clients and I are obsessed! 

back of woman with long peach coloured hair


I personally love 10g Icy and 5g Rose Gold in High-Speed Toners mixed 1:3 with the developer. This gives the perfect pinky pearly. Almost a mother pearl colour, in just 5 mins! It’s so great because with the toners, you can make it more pigmented by simply adding less developer and leaving it on longer. The results also vary depending on the base. If their base is warmer, the colour will reflect more warmth. If the base underneath is cooler, then it comes out with this perfect iridescent colour. I simply just love it. 

woman with lilac long hair with her hands on her head


My absolute favourite formula is 6-1 & -22 from the Faction8 range mixed with 6vol 1:2. This creates the perfect violet, and my clients are absolutely obsessed!

back view of a womans light pink long hair with skull clips in it


My favourite formula is Liquid Demi ¾ 0-0 & ¼ 7-4 to create the perfect pastel peach. I love this tone and am so happy to see it as the biggest trend of this year. Get me that warm Summer look vibe!

side profile of woman with rainbow coloured short hair


I’m obsessed with this image and colour at the moment. Using faction 8, 3-0 on the dark side for that deep, dusky dark tone. Then I pre-toned with violet high-speed toner. Then I dried the hair and used velvet and jam 1:2 on the roots. Lilac, Nevermore, Jam on the ends (1:1:1) I love how faction 8 creates the perfect colour that doesn’t bleed everywhere for the perfect split contrast! And I love my formula for the violets, as the root shade neutralises those pesky warm roots that natural dark hair (naturally between 1-5 kicks out) but also creates a strong colour! The shade on the ends. I love how it creates an in-between a vivid and a pastel punchy tone!

side view of womans long blonde and silver hair


My Absolute go-to formula for super frosty blondes right now is Liquid Demis 8-11 + 9-2. It’s so versatile! You can adjust the formula to add more 8-11 to take it silvery or more 9-2 for Icy platinum. If I could use two toner shades for the rest of my life, it would be these two!

woman looking to the side with blue and purple long curled hair


My favourite semi-permanent formula is 3/4 velvet and 1/4 nightfall which created this beautiful midnight purple which changes its tone in different lighting to give a very oil slick feel. I also enjoy mixing area51 and blue muse in equal parts to create a beautiful cool-toned green. In the high-speed toner, I love using the faction eight boosters with any of the shades, my favourite at the moment is natural with a few dots of the .44 booster, which creates a rusty peach blonde that’s super multi-dimensional. In the Demi line, I have been using half 10.0 and a half 10.03 to tone my blondes who want that milky, creamy blonde, it is the perfect amount of toning without adding too much gold. 

woman wearing a face mask looking head on into camera with brown hair and pink pieces at the front


7-8 in the faction 8 range. It’s the perfect versatile neutral for brunettes wanting to go blonde or blondes going brunette! 

side profile of woman with long pink and peach hair


My favourite formula is Liquid Demi 7-4 + 6-4, blended down into 9-4 and -44 to create a beautiful Copper look!

woman side on looking into the camera with pink short textured hair


I am absolutely obsessed with Rose Gold, and my favourite formula is ½ Rose Gold & ½ Natural to create a beautifully toned Rose Gold. 

woman looking to the side with pink and purple hair and pigtails


My favourite formula is a mixture of all the shades from the Fantasy Collection; Pyro, Guardian, Elixr, Sorcery. This creates an awesome rainbow and the perfect summer festival look with some braiding. 

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