With hair care that can help tame frizz and prevent hair loss, it’s no surprise that professional stylists call upon Color Wow to provide them with the best quality formulas and product innovations.

For the team at Color Wow, the road from identifying hair problems to finding innovative solutions is ‘the road less travelled’. It’s a gruelling process with only one end game in sight: a hair product that delivers safe, smart transformational results that will make a major difference for millions of women. Here, the Color Wow team share their thoughts on 5 major breakthroughs in hair care that are changing the game in 2022!

At Color Wow, our drive to create new products comes from a deep desire to solve the toughest hair problems that drive us (and you!) crazy. Problems that no one has ever effectively solved (like roots, frizz, curl care), and problems that few people even know about (like “hard water hair” and unsafe shampoo formulations).


 1. ROOT COVER UP8x Allure “Best of Beauty” winner

For women who colour their hair (about 75% of the population) ‘roots’ have always been the biggest frustration. Over the years, dozens of products were invented to deal with roots (markers, mousses, sprays, paints). Unfortunately, these root fixes had major flaws: messy, drippy, not water-resistant, staining, stiff, crunchy, unnatural, poor colour match, flat colour or off-shade due to dyes/peroxides, time-consuming, and not safe for pregnant women. The list of drawbacks goes on. Basically, there was not a single consumer-friendly, effective root-disguising option in the lot. 

The Light Bulb Moment: Our best-selling root cover-up was inspired by a photoshoot

Gail Federici (Color Wow founder) was keenly aware of her friends’ and sisters’ endless struggle with roots, and the lack of effective solutions. One day at a photo shoot, she watched as a hairstylist applied eyeshadow to a blonde wig to create a more natural ‘rooty’ look. It was dulling and didn’t really stick, but for the photo, it did the trick.

And the idea for a new hair formula ‘took root’….

Color Wow Root Cover Up is the first real effective solution to concealing root regrowth.

Years in development to get the perfect colour range and consistency, this “stay put”, the multi-dimensional, water-resistant root-concealing formula is a total game-changer for women worldwide. Winner of Allure’s “Best of Beauty” award every single year since its launch in 2012, this ground-breaking mineral powder was named “the quarantine essential” by the New York Times.  

The Color Wow Root Cover Up is an ideal salon retail opportunity!


 2. COLOR SECURITY SHAMPOO – Rich-lathering, sulphate-free shampoo helps prevent hair loss 


When we set out to create a super gentle, effective cleanser for colour-treated hair, we included the most advanced sulphate-free formula that would deliver rich lather. But as we were trying out different test formulations, we had a major aha! moment that forever changed our view on shampoos…

The Light Bulb Moment: discovery of how shampoos cause hair loss, dulling + colour darkening

Our aim was to create a shampoo ideal for dry, dehydrated, colour-treated hair so the initial test formula was full of conditioning agents. Yet somehow, the hair always looked dull after washing. In fact, the more we shampooed, the duller the hair got.

Our major discovery?

The conditioning agents and silicones in our formula were not rinsing out. They were sticking to the hair and leaving it dull. As we found out, the same held true for thickening agents, pearlising agents and many other ingredients added to shampoos that have nothing to do with cleansing the hair. Worse yet, all these added ingredients that did not rinse out were also sticking to the scalp…potentially blocking hair follicles and causing hair thinning and loss.

Color Security Shampoo’s unique 100% clean, sulphate-free shampoo formula leaves no residues.

So we completely re-thought and reformulated our shampoo: We took out all ingredients that didn’t easily rinse out to create a safe, gentle, sulphate-free cleanser that leaves nothing behind but fresh, sparkling hair and scalp. And we have made it our mission to educate people about the dangers of shampoos that can cause hair thinning and loss!

The Color Wow Security Shampoo is perfect for using on your colour clients



 3. DREAM COAT ANTI-HUMIDITY SPRAY – Award-winning, #1 humidity blocker

We’ve been in the “anti-frizz biz” for a long time and despite having created some iconic frizz-fighters, we’ve always been searching for the “holy grail”
anti-frizz formula. Something lighter and more effective than silicone-based anti-frizz formulas that won’t leave hair greasy or weigh it down.

The Light Bulb Moment: The best frizz-fighter, inspired by moisture-repelling textiles – We found it!

Our Chief Chemist, Dr Joe Cincotta, discovered new textile technology used to make fabrics resistant to water. With many modifications, he adapted this concept to the “fabric of hair” and created one of the major hair breakthroughs of the decade.

Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray makes hair silky, supple + ‘immune’ to frizz.

A worldwide best-selling humidity-proofer, Dream Coat spray is a super-light frizz-fighter that feels like nothing is on the hair. Activated by blow-dryer heat, it creates a silky seal that acts as a raincoat to deflect moisture. Hair stays frizz-free through multiple shampoos. Superfan Hoda called it “The last hair product you’ll ever need”. 

The Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray is perfect for clients with curls, coils and waves



4. DREAM FILTER -Pre-shampoo mineral remover – an instant hair detox!

We’re acutely aware of hair problems caused by the environment, from UV rays to humidity, to saltwater and pool water. And we wondered why hair turns dull, dark and discoloured more easily in certain locations.  

The Light Bulb Moment: Discovering what hard water does to your hair texture and colour

Our chemist recognized that the “hidden” minerals and metals in water were creating major problems for hair, and had to be removed.

Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Spray lifts away minerals for lighter, brighter hair in under 3 minutes. A new haircare essential, this superlight spray removes the minerals most commonly found in water (calcium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium) giving hair a “first-day fresh” looking colour. Hair has more body, feels less rough, looks much brighter and is healthier. 

Remove product build-up from your client’s hair with Color Wow Dream Filter



 5. DREAM COAT FOR CURLY HAIR– A faster easier curl-styling method


Traditional curly-girl methods call for no poo’s, heavy conditioners, crispy gels, and thick serums. At Color Wow, we felt that smothering and weighing curls down to calm frizz, add moisture, and define patterns was an unhealthy way to care for curls. 

The Light Bulb Moment: simpler, safer curl care without heavy build-up – Dream Coat for Curly Hair  an all-in-one, super light solution for healthiest curls.

We challenged our chemist Dr Joe to find new technology to take the weight off curls. He created a proprietary blend that gives us a multi-tasking curl formula that does it all: moisturizes, conditions and defrizzes; restores bounce and elasticity; keeps curls light and springy and adds glossy shine. No more heavy products, no more crunchy crispy curls! 

We are really proud of all our Color Wow “industry-first” formulas and the 70+ major beauty awards we’ve won. But our real source of pride in the reviews and testimonies from women all over the world who tell us our Color Wow breakthroughs have given them newfound confidence, thanks to the smoothest, glossiest, healthiest hair of their lives! 

Use Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair on your clients with curly hair, coiled hair or frizz-prone hair.



“True innovation” in haircare is rare. In this very crowded space, most “new” products are just riffs on a basic shampoo, conditioning or styling formulas, re-launched with a fresh scent, a pretty label, a new ingredient story or marketing angle. At Color Wow, we have a totally different approach to product innovation. And it starts by kicking “status quo” formulas to the curb! Not because we’re troublemakers, but because we’re problem solvers.


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