Scooping ‘UK nail salon of the year’ for two years running, as well as earning a number of  high profile recommendations from ‘Vogue’, ‘Tatler’ and The Telegraph, we caught up with Tima Reshad of multi-award winning salon Coco Nail Bar nestled within London’s Portobello Road to find out more about the nail salon.


How did the business arise? 

Coco Nail Bar was founded in 2011 after the recession. There was a big boom in the nail industry where clients would choose a Manicure over a new outfit for a night out.  I noticed a big gap in the market where salons were not open late and lacked the fun element.  It was a good opportunity to start a nail salon with long opening hours and an in-house cocktail bar where busy Londoners could come with friends and get pampered during hours that suited them.

How do you remain innovative within the London salon scene? 

It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and see what the new trends are.  We also ask clients what they want, for without them there is no business. 

How do you predict up and coming nail trends? 

We closely follow social media and the press to see what is trending.  Magazines such as Scratch and Professional Beauty are also key contributors.


What advice do you have for anybody starting up within the business of nails? 

Be prepared, put in the effort and learn; nothing in business is easy.  Have your Weetabix, put your trainers on and go for it!

What was the best part of winning the UK nail salon of the year twice? 

It was wonderful to win Professional Beauty’s Nail Salon of the Year twice in a row.  Not only is it an extremely prestigious award, the recognition and exposure we received was also great.

Where do you predict the nails industry will be in 10 years time?

The nail industry is moving quite swiftly, but you cannot reinvent the wheel.  As with anything in life, clients demand good quality products, to serve their needs in as little time and with as little effort as possible.  I predict that with new discoveries and innovation the nail industry will become more efficient at serving the client’s needs.

What can we expect from Coco Nail Bar throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond? 

Coco Nail Bar will continue to bring great quality service to clients and move with the times, making cutting edge treatments available to clients along with great beauty ad ons.


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Images:  Ali Zabihollah