It’s no secret that hairstylists are inundated with professional products to choose from, so we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer choice. 

However, one ingredient you should always have your eyes peeled for when sourcing professional products is high-quality argan oil. And we’re here today to tell you why. 

Ready to find out the amazing benefits of incorporating argan oil into your professional treatments? Read on to discover 5 incredible reasons why you should start using argan oil on your clients…

Argan oil is rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Pure argan oil contains fatty acids that are completely unsaturated, along with essential antioxidants. 

These two components within the oil help with a ton of hair-related issues, including (but not limited to) preventing water loss, deep moisturisation, scalp damage, protection of the hair follicles, and more. 

Why is this important? Because it’ll restore hair to a hydrated state, which will ensure that shine, softness, radiance, protection, and elasticity are achieved. And who doesn’t want that kind of result from their salon visit? 

Argan oil can be used for more than hair  

If you specialise in professional beauty treatments, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t incorporate argan oil into your facial treatments, and here’s why. 

Argan oil is naturally rich in anti-sebum effects, perfect for clients who suffer from excessively oily complexions. 

This will help clients by regulating the amount of sebum on the surface of their skin. In addition, argan oil can be used to treat a range of common skin conditions, including skin irritations, dry skin, and several types of acne. 

Argan oil facial treatments are known to successfully calm the skin, whilst also promoting a smoother appearance and a healthier glow. 

Argan oil can be used as a stand-alone treatment

If you’re looking to offer new services and treatments to clients, an argan oil-based treatment could do wonders for your salon. 

As you’ll know, many clients love taking trips to the salon to restore their hair to a healthier state. Offering a professional argan oil-based treatment will work magic on their hair, allowing your clients to leave the salon looking and feeling their best. 

Argan oil-based treatments are perfect for a variety of hair-related issues. Argan oil stand-alone treatments can include:

  • Scalp treatments. 
  • Hair loss treatments. 
  • Deep moisture treatments.
  • Leave-in conditioner treatments. 
  • Deep restorative treatments. 
  • Argan facial treatments. 

Argan oil protects the hair against environmental damage 

High-quality argan oil is pretty much one of the most protective ingredients you can find in professional haircare treatments. 

This is because pure argan oil contains restorative properties, ideal for when you’re working with hair that’s brittle and prone to breakage. High-quality argan oil will not add weight to the hair; it’ll provide that much-needed moisture that’s often found to be absent from compromised hair. 

In addition, argan oil will work to protect the hair from any further damage. So if you have a client who’s looking for a knockout blow-dry at the end of the service, have some argan oil handy to run through the hair before you start applying heat.

It’ll make the finished look appear much brighter and shinier, whilst also protecting the hair from any preventable damage. 

Types of hair damage that argan oil can prevent and protect from include:

  • Heat damage. 
  • UV ray damage. 
  • Salt and environmental toxins. 
  • Temperature variations.
  • Changes in air humidity. 
  • Sensitive hair through excessive colouring. 
  • Sensitive hair through excessive bleaching.  

Argan oil will make your work look incredible 

If used correctly, argan oil can make your work look so good that it’s unparalleled. Too often, we hear of stylists’ queries about using oils within their work, as too much can adversely affect what they’ve worked hours on creating. 

The keyword here is high-quality. Contrary to popular belief, pure argan oil will not add weight or grease to the hair. Instead, it’ll make those key elements from your creations shine, whilst also adding unbeatable radiance. Argan oil will also make the hair flow more effortlessly together, creating a fuller and voluminous look.

It’s also great if your work looks incredible – but it’s on dry hair. Argan oil will help restore that much-needed moisture, making your clients wonder what magic you performed to get their hair not only looking but feeling more supple and soft. After all, who doesn’t want silky smooth hair? 

Moroccan Gold Series Argan range

You didn’t think we’d give you all these reasons to start using argan oil in your salon without giving you a recommendation, did you? 

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The amazing Argan collection by Moroccan Gold Series comes with beautiful and professional-looking packaging – and it’s one of the most high-quality argan oil-based hair ranges on the market. 

Incorporating these products into your treatments will leave your client’s hair feeling glossier and smoother than ever before, whilst also making hair healthier and stronger. 

What’s also great about this collection is that there are eight unique products to choose from and they’re all available in different sizes – perfect for salon use and/or retail opportunities. 

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Each product brings something fresh to the table, but you can count on all of them combatting compromised hair. The key benefits to the entire range include:

  • Specially designed lightweight formulas. 
  • Guaranteed to leave no sticky texture to the hair.
  • Guaranteed to not add any additional weight to the hair. 
  • Leaves hair silkier and smoother than ever before. 
  • Each product is beautifully scented.
  • Completely compatible with all hair types and textures. 
  • Highest quality professional ingredients.
  • Instant results that only improve with frequent use.

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The entire Moroccan Gold Series Argan collection is oozing with the highest quality argan oil in the industry. Their argan oil is as pure as it gets, as it’s directly sourced from the deserts of southwest Morocco. 

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The range guarantees completely unrefined and natural argan oil. No processed ingredients here! 

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Although the Argan collection’s main ingredient is pure argan oil, we thought some other key ingredients deserved an honourable mention. 

Omega-6 and omega-9 

Omega-6 and omega-9 are natural fatty acids, which are found within argan oil. They work to get hair back to a healthy state, whilst also restoring essential moisture. These natural ingredients are also great for repairing any type of hair damage, especially split ends.

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Vitamin E

Another win for argan oil, as it’s packed with vitamin E. This is a fantastic natural ingredient for strengthening compromised hair, whilst also helping to restore an overall healthier scalp. 

Vitamin E is full of antioxidants, so not only will it help hair to become healthier, but it’ll also promote natural hair growth. 

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CoQ10, melatonin, and plant sterols

These three incredible ingredients offer a ton of benefits. They’re perfect for creating that envious smoothness and shine to the hair, whilst also leaving it supple and soft to the touch. 

These three game-changing natural ingredients are also great for fully fortifying hair, which is perfect for anti-ageing effects whilst also ensuring frizz-free results. 

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering why you should be using argan oil on your clients, along with our recommendation on the best professional argan oil-based hair collection. Be sure to check out the full range on the Salons Direct website. 

Shop professional argan oil products at Salons Direct now.

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