With new Koleston Perfect ME+ you will achieve up to 100% grey/white hair coverage with pure, true to tone hair colour results from root to tip. Follow the checklist to achieve perfect grey/white hair coverage, even on challenging hair types:

1. Your Formula

Select the desired shade and always mix 1:1 with 6% new Welloxon Perfect. All Pure Naturals shades (e.g. /0, /00 xx/0) deliver grey/white hair coverage, they can be added to other shade families. The Resistant Cover shades (e.g. 88/0) are specifically designed with improved coverage for very resistant hair. They can also be intermixed with all other shade families.

2. Application

Mix your formula well to ensure an even distribution of ingredients. Apply a sufficient amount of product. The new colour cream can feel smoother to apply, ensure you use the same amount you have done in the past. Start your application at the area with the highest amount of grey/white hair.

3. Development Time

Every hair is different so for grey/white hair coverage it’s important you adhere to the correct development time. The timings given on colour charts are guidelines but can be extended if needed. For coverage, the use of the Climazon can accelerate the development time.

4. Always Check Your Result

Even with regular clients, check results before rinsing: Gently remove the colour off with the end of your tint brush, lift the hair up slightly to visibly check coverage. The new mass can be faster to apply and therefore you might need to extend your development time by 5-10 min until the coverage is achieved.

5. Please Don’t

Wella does NOT advise to pre-soften hair with pure developer, nor use a different mixing ratio with more colour cream for increased grey/white hair coverage. These can result in unpredictable results and do not comply with our safety guidelines.

Expert Tip

The Pure Balance Technology™ will give more root to tip evenness and therefore appears in some cases on length and ends slightly richer, and with a purer colour expression. Use the correct balancing technique and check your development time for the mid-lengths and ends for best results.

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