Are your clients one of the 62% concerned with darkening and dulling of their blonde hair? The business of blonde hair continues to evolve, with new formulations and blonding techniques entering the market all the time. Here, the experts at Redken introduce you to their new Redken High Bright range, including the Redken High Bright Pre Treatment, Redken High Bright Shampoo, and the Redken High Bright Conditioner.

Everything you need to know about Redken High Bright

As a colourist, you are the expert in lifting, toning and glossing, but how can you grow your blonde expertise and continue to build your client satisfaction long after they have left the salon? The Redken High Bright range will keep your blonde clients light and bright in-between salon visits.

A new take on blonde hair care

Toning care has achieved widespread adoption in recent years, with 1 in 2 blondes using a colour enhancing or pigmented shampoo after salon visits; however, toning care is not always the right solution to help blonde clients achieve their desired finish.

Whilst you may have previously prescribed to your clients a purple pigmented shampoo to help combat blonde brassiness and maintain cooler tones, it may not be the perfect solution for all clients. Toning care routines such as Redken’s bestselling Color Extend Blondage are perfect for neutralising unwanted yellow undertones and attaining a cooler result, not all clients crave that coolness. More recently, there has been a significant shift in clients with more golden blonde tones who seek a warmer, brighter blonde finish. 

As soon as your client leaves the salon, their blonde is already a magnet for losing lightness and brightness. Faced with dulling agents, grit, pollution and build-up from daily external aggressors, blondes are often fighting a losing battle when it comes to daily maintenance. However, now you can further cement your blonde expertise in the salon by prescribing a high-performance, science-led aftercare regimen for those clients wanting a bit more brightness.

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How does the Redken High Bright range work?

The NEW Blondage High Bright™, a three-step system from blondes’ number one haircare destination. Powered by a Vitamin C + Brightening Care complex, this trilogy of high-performance haircare products removes impurities that darken, dull and mattify blonde hair for brighter results instantly.

Key features of the Redken High Bright range

  • Designed for blonde clients level 7-10, the Blondage High Bright™ routine makes it easier than ever to help clients lock in their brightest blonde for longer.

In clinical tests, 92% of stylists saw a more radiant blonde revealed after just one use.

  • Formulated with Vitamin C, known in skincare for its endless brightening benefits, Redken’s brightening care complex (including emollients, glycerine and silicones) and chelating agents to help achieve instantly visible results, this aftercare system is the first brightening range on the market to progressively brighten blonde hair, without tonal shift.


  • The transformative formulas are bottled into a pre-treatment, shampoo and conditioner combo, which work in tandem to remove the build-up of nasties and dulling agents resulting in sealed cuticles and filled porosity to help lockout dullness after just ONE use. Delivering professional results at home, clients can expect an injection of instant brightness with an added glossy shine and a silky, conditioned finish. 

What products are available in the Redken High Bright range?



The new hair hero of the line-up is the Redken High Bright Pre-Treatment. A true power product, it acts like a magical magnet lifting the pollutants and dulling agents from the hair’s cuticle and prepping the perfect canvas for cleansing with the shampoo. 



The routine begins with the pre-treatment applied to damp hair and left to work its magic for 5-10 minutes. Without rinsing, follow with Blondage High Bright™ Shampoo, lather and rinse thoroughly. Lastly, seal everything off with Blondage High Bright™ Conditioner for a silky, illuminated finish!  



It’s time to put your salon on the map as the one-stop destination for the ultimate lasting care for every blonde client, whatever their hair type. By offering personalised aftercare prescriptions for instant transformations, you can ensure your client stays as obsessed with their blonde as the day they left the chair. 

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