This week our spotlight is on TIGI as we bring you closer to the brand. We spent 5 minutes with European Creative Director Akos Bodi, as well as showcasing a selection of the best discounts on the TIGI Rockaholic range available here at Salons Direct.

Akos Bodi helped to build the TIGI International Creative team, whose involvement in the past decade has deepened in all creative projects from Educational Collections to advertisement campaigns.

Akis Bodi from TIGI

When did you decide that the hairdressing industry was going to be a full time profession?

The very first day! I started my hairdressing career with a salon in Hungary, where I was born.

What does your day to day role as European creative director entail?

It’s a balance between creative team, work with the marketing team and R&D.

What is your first memory of appreciating / noticing really great hair?

I saw Anthony (Mascolo) doing a haircut from his 1992 Transient Collection and I knew that was the way it was going to be… I was determined to work with him whatever it took and wherever I needed to go.

I needed to go to America to finally get a job with the company and then I was invited to come to the UK in 2003 to become a founder member of the TIGI International Creative Team.

Akis Bodi from TIGIWhat is the most rewarding aspect of working for TIGI?

Diversity and versatility of the job. Working with a great team and travelling the world.

What is your career highlight to date?

Without sounding arrogant there are too many to mention! Every time I walk out on a stage I am excited, proud and think it’s the best moment of my career!

Can you tell us more about the TIGI academy / education programmes?

We believe in sharing everything we do as soon as we do it! We base our advanced programmes on the progression of our own work, so highly influenced by our latest collection. We’ve just shot the 2017 Collection, SHIFT, which is both contemporary and commercial.

Our courses cover all levels of ability and experience to give students a continual path to follow. It’s important to us that hairdressers have something to take back to their salons they can use immediately, which will keep clients loyal and happy with their hair, support retailing and of course, drive business.

Akis bodi from TIGI

Why do you think TIGI is so hugely influential within the hairdressing industry?

It’s about Anthony’s vision – which is always recognisable. It’s ‘pure pedigree’ in hairdressing.

How would you best describe TIGI in 3 words?

Influential, nonstop, iconic.

 Do you have a hairdressing muse?

Besides the obvious, Guido (Palau) and Eugene.

What can we expect from TIGI in 2017 and beyond?

Continuously pushing creative boundaries whilst ensuring the work remains commercial enough for the salon stylist to take inspiration and be able to utilise information for their daily work. So they can utilise the ideas daily, continually learning and continually progressing.

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For more on Akos and TIGI HEAD OVER TO THEIR WEBSITE and follow Akos on Instagram: @akosbodi

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