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Discover Monuskin, a natural range of skincare products created from cruelty-free sources. This gentle and soothing skincare range caters to clients with all skin types. The versatile product range can not only be used on clients in your beauty salon or spa, but it can also make for a fantastic salon retail opportunity.

As part of our brand spotlight series, we caught up with the Monuskin team to learn more about the brand, its ethos and hero products. We also speak to Leanne Roache from ZenZero Spa at Gloucester Docks to find out how Monuskin fits in within a working salon.

How did Monuskin start?

MONU was founded nearly 40 years ago when British beauty therapist, Susan Molyneux became, perhaps the first beauty therapist to recognise that the efficacy of professional products required a different formulation from those available at the time.

Unable to find a collection that suited her clients’ requirements, Susan began creating her own skincare. Formulating with English herbs and plants, marine extracts and natural ingredients to produce one of the most innovative and exciting skincare ranges available to professional therapists, quickly becoming the number one choice of beauty professionals in the UK.

As the brand’s reputation grew, Susan’s reputation also expanded internationally as the beauty therapist who genuinely understood the requirements of other beauty therapists, delivering products to match.

What are the bestselling Monuskin products?

Monuskin Cleansing Balm





Our Cleansing Balm is a big seller for us. The importance of proper cleansing sits at the heart of our brand; we have 10 different cleansing variants to choose from! The Cleansing Balm is our most popular. 

Packed with amazing botanical ingredients – Blackcurrant seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Rose oil, all delivering essential fatty acids that your skin needs, it’s the best solution to cleanse and hydrate.

Use to start a facial – it’s fabulous at removing make-up, (yes even eye make-up) SPF, dirt and pollution – massage in, then wipe away with a warm clean cloth. Skin is clean, clear, soft and beautifully prepped for a facial.

Monuskin Soft Touch Toner



Soft Touch Toner instantly hydrates and brightens the complexion – using Vitamin C to firm fine lines, plump wrinkles and nourishes the skin for an all-over glow.

Monuskin Lip & Eye Active Lift



Lip & Eye Active Lift is a serum for eyes and lips – but super sensitive for the delicate eye area. Using Algae and Active marine Magnesium is brilliant for relaxing expression lines. Ginseng is rich in Polysaccharides – which form a tightening film on the surface of the skin.  This serum stimulates the skin’s natural collagen levels to be firm and plump!

Monuskin Instant Radiance Hydra-Lift Serum



Hydra-Lift Serum is about firming, smoothing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also give intense hydration and brings back that ‘comfort’ to your skin. Formulated with Polysaccharides these are basically neutrally charged sugars which are moisture-binding, they mimic the skin’s intercellular cementing- think of it as structural support! Hyaluronic Acid- this helps the skin to capture and hold onto water molecules – like a raisin in the water – swelling up!

It also has Vitamin C– Vitamin C is a hugely effective antioxidant. An antioxidant is a substance that helps to protect the surface of the skin from damage such as UV or pollution. By including it in your skincare – you are protecting your skin from these external aggressors. Vitamin C will also help with age spots and hyperpigmentation. Very little Vitamin C makes it into the skin from what we consume – so it’s imperative to have it in your skincare.

Monuskin Firming Fiji Facial Oil 



Firming Fiji Facial Oil is formulated for dry and sensitive skin, in the winter – this will be your comfort in a bottle! Formulated with Bois de Rose and Light Patchouli it provides the most wonderful relief for parched skin. Your face is left feeling beautifully re-hydrated, firmer and more radiant. We use Hazelnut Oil as the base oil – which is rich in essential fatty acids and easily absorbed. The Bois de Rose is especially gentle on sensitive skin- plus has wonderful mood-enhancing properties to lift the spirits. 

Monuskin Flash Relax Mask



Flash Relax Mask is formulated to offer an instant radiant glow to your skin – using a clever combination of Ginseng and Magnesium together with a blend of Vitamin C and B5 for truly head-turning radiance. This is a fabulous mask to use before a big night out or after a long tiring day. It has a fabulous smoothing and lifting effect on the skin.

Monuskin Recovery Balm



Recovery BalmThis is a moisturiser loved for its ability to relieve tired or super stressed-out skin. Formulated with Rose and Bergamot Essential Oils, which calms the senses – so wonderful to use in a facial – whilst bursting with peptides that reduce redness and relieve any irritations. The use of Evening Primrose and Blackcurrant Seed oils ensures the natural barrier and lipid content is improved to leave the skin balanced and hydrated. It works for all skin types – but especially those in need of extra comfort. 


What makes Monuskin stand out from its competitors?

We are a skincare company that manufactures skin care formulated by beauty therapists – for beauty therapists. That makes us special because we are used by experts that truly understand how the skin works, what it will respond to and what results in you can expect.  We formulate only with ‘active’ ingredients. In a nutshell, ‘active’ means natural ingredients, notably plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils that have been scientifically proven to change the structure of your skin at a cellular level.

Working to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, protect and nourish the cells. We NEVER use artificial colours or fragrances, nor do we use SLS or Lanolin. We use highly advanced manufacturing processes to ensure our skincare delivers these actives into your skin in the most controlled and the most efficient and effective way. 


Unlike our competitors we manufacture in small batches, so we minimise waste and avoid overproduction. It means that every pot, ampoule or jar has undergone scrupulous human quality control-not withstanding much love care and attention! Our customers receive the freshest products available and for skincare, it’s the ‘freshness’ that allows the active ingredients to be at their most potent and therefore their most effective. 


How can I become a trained Monuskin beauty professional?

We offer training courses and introductions to our treatment listings, once one of our bespoke packages has been purchased. Our hands-on beauty therapy courses will cover all aspects of providing facial/ body treatments to your clients, enabling you to learn new techniques and improve your confidence. Attendees should hold an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent in Beauty Therapy. 

We interviewed Leanne Roache from ZenZero Spa at Gloucester Docks to hear about Monuskin in action

What do you love most about the Monuskin range? 

The thing that first attracted me to MONU was the company ethos. I love that the products are natural, completely cruelty free and most importantly results-driven. They also smell incredible, which really adds to the luxury element of my facials and allows the client to recreate that experience at home.

What is your favourite Monuskin product?

My personal favourite is the brightening boost. It contains Vitamin C to give my skin a gorgeous radiance and evens my skin tone, meaning my makeup sits beautifully on my skin. It is also great for makeup-free days to give my natural skin a glow. My skincare routine just doesn’t feel complete without it now. 

What product do your clients love the most? 

Our cleansing balm. It feels so luxurious on the skin and smells incredible with rose and geranium essential oils. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated, nourished and revitalised and is great for easily removing stubborn makeup quickly. It’s a little piece of salon luxury you can enjoy at home.


What is your go-to skincare routine for your clients? 

I think everyone should be doing a cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily as a minimum. I try to encourage my clients to exfoliate 2-3 weekly by putting their exfoliator in the shower and using it while their conditioner is on. This is a great way to incorporate it into their home life. Exfoliator is so important as it will remove any dead layers of skin which accumulate and make any products we put on after more effective. Of course, a daily SPF is a must.

My favourite is our Illuminating Primer SPF 15 as not only are you protecting your skin from harmful rays, but it also contains mica which gives your skin a gorgeous glow too. A weekly mask is a great addition to their skincare routine too. Our hydrating mask is perfect for busy clients as they can put in on before bed and sleep in it. They can also use it on their hands and feet too so it’s a brilliant, multi-use homecare product.

How do you retail Monuskin in your salon? 

Retailing is a key part of my business and is so important for my clients too. I always tell them that having monthly facials but not looking after your skin in between sessions is like getting a personal trainer and expecting a six-pack after 1 workout! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. I always do a full consultation and skin analysis for each client. I highly recommend a skin analysis lamp to get a deeper look at the client’s skin. This allows me to learn what their current routine is, what their main skin concerns are and how I can help them to improve them. 

I will then recommend products and treatments based on their lifestyle, current routine and skincare needs and I try to find any gaps in their routine. I will explain to the client after the treatment why I have recommended each product, how it addresses a concern they have, and how they use it and fit it in with their current routine. This shows the clients that I have listened to their skin worries and understood how much time they have to dedicate to their routine.


This builds a great level of trust and loyalty with my clients as they feel I am genuinely listening to their concerns, and I love helping them on their journey to better skin. 

Monuskin also has amazing skincare boxes for various skin concerns and budgets, allowing my clients to try multiple products for themselves. These are great to recommend and retail for clients new to Monuskin as they are getting full-sized products for a smaller price and will hopefully encourage them to try more products in the range after they see the incredible results for themselves.

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