Antony Whitaker is a multi award-winning salon business coach. Today he tells us what he thinks is needed to become a super stylist!

All salon managers are on the look out to hire super stylists to grow their business. If you are a stylist looking at getting your foot in the door of a top salon, you’ll need to read what Antony has to say.

Antony’s Super Stylist Commandments!
1. Clarity:

Start by getting some clarity: clarity about what you want in life and from your career, you need to know where you want to be to get there!

2. Commercial Reality:

You need to develop a commercial reality about your chosen occupation. What are the key skills to master? What results matter? What are the indicators of good performance?

3. Become a salesman:

Selling retail products on to your clients is massively profitable so you need to understand and master selling to the point it becomes as as normal as offering a cup of coffee. Believe me, in the salon, we are all selling something.

4. Sell yourself:

You need to understand what you are really selling. It’s not just about your product or services, be it haircuts, colour, tans, bottles of shampoo or anything else. It’s about selling relationships and experiences.

5. Keep them coming back:

You need to cultivate a repeat business or rebooking culture where at least 75% of your clients have made their next appointment before they walk out the door. You need to understand what that means to your income.

6. Create word of mouth:

You need to build a referral-based business. You probably can’t afford to advertise your way to growth, and even if you could, it wouldn’t work, so you need to get your existing clientele working for you‚ and that doesn’t happen on its own. Consider discounts for bringing friends along.

7. Become the business:

You must begin the marketing of “You Incorporated.” You – whether you own the salon or just work there‚ are the business‚ and everything you do and say and wear‚ everything‚ creates an impression and has an impact.

8. Challenge yourself:

You must learn to step outside your comfort zone and set goals to become the person you want to become.

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