As a regular visitor to salons and spas, it is very rare that I am asked any pre-arrival questions when I initially call to make the appointment. However, for a salon or a spa this information is vital, and getting the right information from the client before they arrive can avoid unnecessary hassle and improve your customer service.

Why ask pre-arrival questions?
1. Suitability & Safety

There are certain medical conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy, pregnancy and diabetes, and medications such as steroids which can prohibit a treatment. Once the client has requested an appointment, always make sure there are no precluding conditions which might affect their suitability. Remember, always put client safety first.

2. Customer Service

Not only is asking key health questions an absolute must when your client first calls for a treatment, but asking simple things such as whether they know how to find you, or telling them where to park shows excellent customer service and your client will be impressed before they even come in for their appointment.

3. First Impressions

As with any business, first impressions are what count most to new customers. If your client arrives and finds out that they are not suitable for the treatment they’ve booked on for, then an alternative may have to be quickly found. This looks really unprofessional and really unorganised – pre-arrival questions will help you to be more prepared and manage your clients expectation better.

4. Staff

It sounds really simple, but knowing that your clients are suitable for the treatment they are coming in for makes managing your staff a whole lot easier. Finding alternative treatments at short notice can be extremely disruptive, not just for clients but for your staff as well. If your therapists aren’t multi-trained, any last minute suitability issues from clients could be a problem.

5. Client Expectation

Managing your clients’ expectations is something which you do on a daily basis. There will always be a tricky customer, but for the most part, the right questions can help prepare you as to what they are expecting to receive from their treatment, and can save confusion.

A final note

Of course, it goes without saying that a client doesn’t want to be overloaded with tons of questions when they ring up for an appointment. Keep it brief and relevant!

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