Every hair type requires a particular level of care to remain healthy and lustrous. As a professional stylist, you’ve most likely worked with every hair type around, from dry hair to frizz-prone hair to oily scalps and everything in-between. Client’s with bleached or coloured hair tend to experience dry ends and an oily scalp more commonly. This is especially prevalent when hair bleaching or colouring is not carried out by a professional and the hair isn’t treated with the right level of care.

What Causes Dry Ends & An Oily Scalp?

Dry ends can be caused by genetics, overwashing, heat damage, sun exposure, and hair type. On the other hand, an oily scalp is caused by excess sebum being produced by the scalp. In essence, everything is out of balance.

An oily scalp tends to be itchy and cause your client’s hair to appear dull, lifeless, slick, and stringy. Dry ends, on the other hand, appear frizzy and damaged. An oily scalp and dry ends are easy to spot, and the sooner you can identify your problem, the easier it will be to restore your client’s locks.

Say Goodbye To Oily Roots And Hello To A Clean, Healthy-Feeling Scalp With Redken’s Amino Mint Shampoo

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Healthy hair starts with a healthy, balanced scalp.

If your clients are dealing with an oily scalp, finding the perfect routine for them that doesn’t weigh hair down or leave those ends feeling dry can be hard to come by.  While there are quick-fix solutions to absorb oil and avoid daily hair washing, the overuse of these products can cause excess oil production in the scalp and product build-up. If your clients are experiencing oiliness, build-up, or scalp irritation, their hair’s pH is probably unbalanced. 

88% of consumers felt reduced the oiliness of their scalp in four weeks. – Redken


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Combat an oily scalp and refresh your clients’ roots whilst moisturising their hair lengths. The Redken Amino Mint Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and textures. Amino Mint Shampoo instantly removes product build-up and residue, leaving oily scalps cleansed and refreshed, without any dryness. 

The Amino Mint Shampoo is formulated with Redken’s Amino Acid Strength Complex and mint, known for its refreshing and sensory benefits. This acidic formula re-balances hair’s pH and soothes scalp irritation for the ultimate cleansing moment.

Redken’s Amino Mint Shampoo Before & After

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