With a belief that men’s grooming is a perfect blend of great technique matched with a sense of effortless style and suitability, we caught up with Barber Barber to discover how the brand is changing the face of male grooming throughout 2016 and how they decide how each of their barbers will look.

The brainchild of award winning barber, Johnny BaBa, Barber Barber is a walk-up, no-appointment establishment where everybody  is treated as a VIP.

We caught up with Johnny to discover more about his brand and salon concept….

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How do you think Barber Barber stands apart from its competitors?

We do it right. We offer our customers clean cuts and close shaves and combine that with a high level of service in state-of-the-art surroundings.

Our shops also feature ‘The Dead Scoundrels Club’, a fully stocked bar and saloon where customers can relax before it’s their turn in the chair.

What inspired you to create a salon with an interior as distinctive as Barber Barber?

I wanted to give my customers the very best experience possible and for that the shop had to look the way it does.

Is there anything that sets the design of each individual salon apart, and if so, what is it?

All of our shops are slightly different and have their own individual features. We tailor the shop to both its shop unit and the city that it is in.

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How does Barber Barber keep up to date with new hair trends?

We don’t follow them, we create them.

What do you think are the attributes that make a successful salon?

Hard work, patience and a fantastic team. And a big stick to hit them with!

What has been the driving force behind the success of Barber Barber?

I’m comfortable with never being comfortable and we have not been afraid to expand. There are plenty of people with one good shop who have wanted to risk it all by expanding and we haven’t had a problem taking those risks..

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How do you see men’s grooming evolving over the next decade or so?

I think it’s going to get simpler. Simplicity will return and the age of the metrosexual will die out.

What can we expect from Barber Barber in 2016/17?

A lot. There are some huge projects in the pipeline and we’re looking forward to rolling into new cities across the UK before going international.

Describe a ‘scoundrel’ to us?

Everybody is a bit of a scoundrel, the same as everybody is a bit of a gentlemen. A scoundrel is a loveable rogue.

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Would you say there is an art to barbering?

No. It’s a learned craft refined over time. There’s no short-cuts, excuse the pun.

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