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We recently caught up with professional barbers, Pankhurst London to discover more about their take on the business of barbering.


How do you think Pankhurst London stands apart from its competitors?

We take the time to sit down and get to know our customers. We know what their personality is, their lifestyle is and what their concerns are for their appearance and we work with them to give them the best look for them. We cut hair with scissors to give a bespoke style, something most barbershops do not.

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What inspired you to create a Barbers with a salon interior as distinctive as Pankhurst London?

All hairdressers were very sterile and we wanted to create a gentleman’s club where people could sit down, talk and change the world. I wanted a place where you could have timeless icons sit together in one room and connect and something that would resonate with every era and every type of man.

How does Pankhurst London keep up to date with the latest trends in barbering?

We style hair and don’t run with trends. Our staff are trained to deliver bespoke haircuts that are classic and timeless. The most important thing is to make the person in the chair look and feel good regardless of what trends they are seeing on the streets. Trends become dated but style doesn’t.

What do you think are the attributes that make a successful salon?

The staff, training, vibe and decor are all very important. First and foremostly the customer always comes first.

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Who has been the driving force behind the success of Pankhurst London?

Myself, my staff and my business partners have all worked tirelessly to create a successful business and brand. Without a shadow of a doubt we would not have achieved what we have without the help of our loyal clientele that return to us time and time again.

How do you see men’s grooming evolving over the next decade or so?

Men’s grooming is going to continue to grow and expand in popularity and diversity. Men care about their appearance and are taking note of their personal style and brand much more than they ever used to.

Would you say there is an ‘art’ to barbering?

There is an art to cutting hair and it takes a well trained eye to notice the subtle differences that make up the perfect haircut. The most important dimension to cutting hair is the communication you have with a client. You need to truly know a customer to deliver exactly what they want and need from the barber chair.


Tell us more about the products in the range?

The products were designed to meet a need in the market. Most male grooming products were unappealing to men whether it was because of the way they were named, packaged or because they didn’t make any sense. Our product range is designed by a barber for men to have a purpose, to do what they say they will and to appeal on a design level.

What is your most popular treatment/service?

Haircuts are still our most popular treatment although our deluxe shaves are becoming ever more popular for men that appreciate the luxury of taking time out of their day to have a relaxing experience.

What can we expect from Pankhurst London in 2017 and beyond?

We are looking forward to expanding our product range and working on some exciting collaborations for content that will educate men in how to use products, how to style themselves and how to live the Pankhurst lifestyle.

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