Kevin Luchmun has a major passion and love for barbering. In this post he discusses his views on how barbering is perceived and where he thinks it should go.


I feel that within the past few years, barbering and male grooming has really started to blow up and everyone wants to be a part of it. A lot of hairdressers have started taking interest in traditional barbering skills, such as using hair clippers to get tight skin fades, or adopting wet shaving for that extra close shave.

I think the indication that men even have their own separate London collections now, is a good sign that the men’s fashion scene is really starting to develop. It’s definitely noticeable how hair is playing such an important role on the catwalks, with major involvement of extensive hairdressing teams to create a look that goes hand-in-hand with the clothing.

Kevin’s Work

Kevin Luchmun's Work

Men don’t just want a great hair cut, they want to be educated on how to style their hair and maintain their style. Guys want to look the part from head to toe, and that bespoken hair cut essentially finishes off their look for that sense of final completion. I feel a lot of men are definitely loyal to who and where they go to get their haircut. It’s a shame but I also feel men get intimidated by going in to a salon, which is why they often opt for the barbers instead.

For such a long time barbers have been narrowed down within the hair industry, singled out because people imagine quick ten minute jobs. There are so many talented barbers out there who aren’t appreciated within the industry. I’ve got confidence in my own abilities and would like to think of myself as living proof that there are barbers with these talents, and I want to push barbering out there and represent other barbers.

I’d like to think we can do everything else hairdressers can do; when it comes to myself using scissors or clippers, I can cut anything from long to short hair, whether it’s afro or Asian. It’s about understanding that everyone is individual and I like to pay attention to what is suitable for the client, and what they would like through consultation. I treat everyone as an individual and never are two clients the same.

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