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Whether you want to upgrade your barbering electricals, curate a brand new barber’s kit, or are simply curious to see what highly coveted clippers and trimmers are available, we have you covered.

Here at Salons Direct, we stock a fantastic range of bestselling professional clippers and trimmers suitable for all budgets, so you can be sure to find the right one for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Barbers Clippers and Trimmers

What is a Hair Clipper?

A hair clipper is an electrical device with a row of sharp blades that move rapidly back and forth to trim hair efficiently. Clippers come with various attachments or guards that determine the length of the hair being cut, allowing barbers to achieve different styles and lengths.

Clippers are essential for precise and efficient haircuts, especially for styles like fades, buzz cuts, and even facial hair trimming. They are versatile tools that enable barbers to execute their craft accurately and quickly.

What is a Hair Trimmer?

A hair trimmer is designed for detailed and precise grooming tasks. Unlike hair clippers, which are typically used for cutting longer hair and creating specific hairstyles, hair trimmers are used for more intricate work, such as shaping hairlines, trimming around the ears, and detailing facial hair like beards and moustaches.

Trimmers often have smaller blades and are more lightweight and manoeuvrable than clippers, making them ideal for fine-tuning and creating clean, sharp lines. They’re indispensable for achieving polished and well-defined looks, whether it’s for a precise haircut or meticulous beard grooming.

What is the difference between a Clipper and a Trimmer?

Trimmers are most commonly used for trimming around edges and precise shaping. They are perfect for creating definitions of shorter hair looks and are the go-to tools for more technical work. Hair clippers, on the other hand, are more versatile. Typically, clippers will come with a number of interchangeable blades for cutting hair into different styles.

When should I use clippers and trimmers?

When to use Clippers

  • Use clippers to cut longer hair to a shorter length, such as to create fades, buzz cuts, or taper cuts.
  • Clippers are suitable for removing bulk quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for initial hair shaping.
  • They come with various guard attachments to control the length of the hair being cut, allowing for versatility in haircut styles.
  • Clippers are also useful for cutting hair on larger head areas, like the top and sides.

When to use Trimmers

  • Use trimmers for detailed and precise work, such as shaping hairlines, trimming around the ears, and detailing facial hair like beards and moustaches.
  • Trimmers are perfect for creating clean and sharp lines, refining the edges of a haircut, and achieving a polished look.
  • They’re ideal for intricate grooming tasks where precision is crucial, such as creating defined outlines and detailing.
  • Trimmers are also commonly used for maintaining and styling facial hair, offering control and accuracy for shaping beards and maintaining stubble.

Hair clippers and trimmers: Do I need to buy both?

While it’s possible to perform some trimming tasks with clippers and vice versa, having dedicated clippers and trimmers enhances efficiency and precision in a barber’s workflow. Using the right tool for each task ensures cleaner lines, smoother fades, and better client results.

Additionally, having both tools allows barbers to work more efficiently, as they can switch between clippers and trimmers without needing to change attachments or make adjustments frequently.

Should you choose a cordless or corded clipper or trimmer?

Both cordless and corded clippers or trimmers have disadvantages and advantages, and you will need to weigh these up in order to make the right decision. Cordless tools are best suited to mobile barbers as they can be easily transported from place to place.

Cordless tools are also great if you are tight on space and manoeuvrability. That being said, cordless electricals will need charging more frequently and may not last a full day in the salon with one charge.

This is an advantage of corded tools, as they will not run out of battery during a styling session. However, you need to be near a plug socket, and the cord may become annoying if it gets in your way.

The best clippers and trimmers from leading barbering brands

Several brands have garnered a status as the most popular clippers and trimmers. These include Gamma+, Wahl, Andis and BaByliss.

Perhaps you already own a clipper from one of these leading barbering electrical brands and are looking to upgrade to something new?

Keep reading as we discuss our recommendations from these bestselling brands and more.

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The 5 Best Hair Clippers For Barbers


Wahl offers quality barbering electricals at a competitive price. Our Wahl Clippers range includes cordless and wired tools in styles to suit all barbering needs. If you want to learn more about Wahl, check out this brand Q&A.

WAHL 5 Star Magic Clip Cordless Hair Clipper Kit



Introducing the Wahl 5 Star Cordless Detailer with an extra-wide T-Blade and lithium battery power. Enjoy up to 100 minutes of cordless use in a sleek, lightweight design.

  • Cordless Power: Run for 100 minutes on a single charge.
  • Edging: T-shaped blade for precise shape-ups, sharp outlines, edge lining, and detailed work.
  • Close Trimming: Adjust to zero overlap for ultra-close cutting.
  • Compact: Lightweight and stylish for optimal balance and control.
  • LED Charge Light: A convenient LED light indicates when the trimmer is charging.

Wahl Chrome Super Taper Clipper



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Andis clippers and trimmers have long since been respected for their reliability and ergonomic design. Want to learn more about Andis? Discover our brand Q&A with Andis.

Andis Master Cordless ClipperAndis Master Cordless Clipper




Choose the new cordless version of the Master®, renowned for its cutting precision and state-of-the-art technology for flawless fades. You’ll instantly fall in love with this clipper instantly, featuring the Iconic Master® Adjustable Carbon-Steel Blade and a high-speed motor.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Motor with Constant Speed Technology.
  • Lithium-Ion Power with Cord/Cordless Flexibility.
  • Premium Charging Stand.
  • 90 Minutes run time.

BaByliss Pro Gold Super Motor Cordless Clipper




The Babyliss Pro Gold Super Motor Cordless Clipper not only looks exquisite on your workstation but also has a 120-minute run time, meaning that you can perfect your trim without worrying about a failing battery.


  • Cord/cordless use.
  • Japanese Steel Blades.
  • Lithium Battery.
  • 3-hour charge – 120mins run time.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Five-position taper control.

Comes with

  • 6 x comb guides.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Oil.
  • Charging Stand.

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Perhaps a less familiar brand? Discover the Italian brand Gamma+, which creates innovative barbering electricals.

Gamma+ X-Ergo Magnetic Clipper




Introducing the Gamma+ X-Ergo Magnetic Clipper, a professional-grade modular clipper equipped with a microchipped magnetic motor delivering 10,000 strokes per minute.

Key Features:

  • Three customisable levers: 2 click system levers and 1 floating system lever.
  • Lithium-ion battery provides 120 minutes of runtime with a rapid 105-minute charge.
  • Choose between STANDARD or STRETCH bracket kits for long or short-taper options.
  • 45mm TAPER black diamond carbon DLC blade ensures smooth cutting.
  • Includes Gold, Rose Gold, and Chrome body kits for creating various custom modifications.

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The 5 Best Hair Trimmers For Barbers

BaByliss Pro Gold Super Motor Cordless Trimmer

BaByliss Pro Gold Super Motor Cordless Trimmer



The BaByliss PRO Gold Super Motor Cordless Trimmer is a heavy-duty professional trimmer. Offering excellent cutting performance and precision, it uses long-life lithium technology. This powerful trimmer won’t let you down when performing precision cutting.


  • 30mm & 40mm interchangeable zero gap adjustable blades.
  • 6mm & 10mm comb guides.
  • Japanese steel blades


Wahl Super Trimmer



Introducing the rechargeable Wahl Super Trimmer. It is equipped with a quiet, smooth, and powerful rotary motor, ensuring a seamless trimming experience that lasts for 100 minutes on a single charge.


  • Cordless Power: Enjoy 100 minutes of runtime with Lithium-Ion battery technology.
  • LED Charge Light: A convenient LED light indicates when the clipper is charging.
  • Rust Resistant Blade: High-precision blades for optimal cutting performance.
  • Snap-Off Blade: Easily clean and maintain the trimmer with the snap-off blade feature.
  • Ergonomic Design: Sleek and lightweight design provides balance and control during use.

The SlimLine Pro GTX Kit is a sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic trimmer designed for precision outlining, designing, and dry shaving. Its lithium-ion power battery allows for up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The comfort edge features a wide GTX blade that can be zero-gapped for ultimate precision.

Included in the SlimLine Pro GTX Kit:

  • Trimmer.
  • 4 Attachment Combs.
  • Charging Adapter.
  • Stand.
  • Power adapter compatible with the UK, Europe, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil.
  • Blade Brush.

Gamma+ Protege Combo Pack Trimmer & Clipper

Gamma+ Protege Combo Pack Trimmer & Clipper



This fantastic bundle means you get the best of Gamma+ in clipper and trimmer form! The Gamma+ Protégé Combo Pack Trimmer & Clipper are professional modular clippers and trimmers with a rotary motor featuring Japanese steel and movable blades to achieve different styles.

Clipper features:

  • 45mm Japanese steel Taper blade with shallow steel inox movable blade.
  • Fully charged in 150 minutes.
  • Universal 4-hole tight blade support.
  • Set of 5 interchangeable magnetic combs from 1.5 to 13mm.

Trimmer features:

  • 40mm Japanese steel blade with stainless steel movable blade.
  • Micro adjustment of cutting blade from 0.8 to 0mm.
  • Removable top for a more precise cut and to cool the blade.
  • Full charge in 2 hours.
  • Cleaning and maintenance kit.

Wella Cordless Contura Trimmer



The Wella Cordless Contura Trimmer is made to fit your hand perfectly.

This lightweight trimmer weighs only 120 grams and features diamond-sharpened stainless steel blades for precise cutting. Its exceptional combination of agility and cutting performance makes it ideal for all delicate trimming tasks.

This battery-operated clipper has a full battery and can be used for 60 minutes continuously. It also comes with a comb attachment that can be adjusted to four different cutting lengths and a convenient charging station.


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