The sales process for retail begins from the moment your client enters the salon, not when you place the products in front of them.

As beauty therapists, it is your professional duty to give clients the best possible recommendations on home-care or retail products.

If you require a little push to start selling, think about the following: One of your clients has just enjoyed a facial treatment in your salon, she then leaves the salon and goes directly to a store to purchase her skin care. Why? Simply because she views you as a treatment-only provider. Start educating your clients to buy from you – as a therapist, you have the training, the professional knowledge and the experience, start using it!

People really enjoy spending – that’s why it’s called ‘retail therapy’. Clients have a desire to purchase new products. If you don’t seize the opportunity to sell to your clients someone else will.

In your salon create the space to sell, and then maximize that space. A well-stocked salon shop will strengthen your identity. It creates awareness of your products and begins to help plant a seed that can develop a desire to buy.

Observe your retail displays. Make sure that retail units are well positioned in your retail area, so your clients feel comfortable to browse. Fully-stocked retail units sends the correct message to potential shoppers, that is, we are passionate and firm believers in what we are selling and we have invested in good quality products to reinforce your treatment.

Products should be accessible, clearly priced and well positioned. Display your products soldier style so clients feel comfortable removing them. Soldier lines march out the door, pretty displays stay pretty on the shelf! Make sure your clients are able to browse, touch and pick up products. Utilize key areas such as reception desk and coffee table for impulse buys.

The quality and standard of your displays should reflect the quality and standard of your salon, and the goods and services that you offer. Displays, both in the window and in-salon can be used to convey various messages, such as promotions, a change of season, a new product or service or even a desired lifestyle. Try to create warm, positive feelings in your clients through your displays by highlighting the features and benefits of the products and services.

Stock skillfully arranged on display should attract passers by, and trigger impulse purchases by creating a desire within your clients to own the goods. Develop a positive sales environment, think like a retailer and start to gain the sales that are rightfully yours!

If you are determined to build a retail business, then your retail displays must look very impressive and send out the message to your clients that retail is a vital part of your business.

Appearance is everything
  • Dust your stock! Keep your shelving and stock clean.
  • Empty shelves and single lonely products won’t make you money. Get rid of slow movers and always have your best selling products in stock.
  • Use attractive shelf talkers, show cards, props and displays.
  • Price products neatly.
Promotions to Increase Retail Sales

Once you have established your business as both a treatment and retail outlet, created a well-stocked salon/spa shop, think about how to boost your level of retail sales.

Run at least 4 quarterly retail promotions per year. All retail promotions must focus on developing and growing retail sales. The aim is to keep building a retail culture within the salon/spa environment.

Vary your promotions, for example:
  • January: Gift with Purchase
  • April: Skin Consultation
  • July: Product Focus
  • October: Skincare Demonstration
Gift with Purchase:

Within the department store arena, gift with purchase is the most popular promotion. Clients love getting a free gift. It will help increase sales because it provides a positive way to introduce retail, you are giving people more than they expect to get and it encourages clients to buy all the items you recommend.

by Liz McKeon

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