Here at Salons Direct we love discovering hair and beauty businesses that will inspire you, whether that’s with a unique interior design, or a salon owner with an interesting story to tell. This month our spotlight is on beauty salon ‘The Ocean Rooms’ based in Southampton. 

The Ocean Rooms salon in Southampton

How do you think The Ocean Rooms stands apart from its competitors?

We are constantly striving to be the best in the industry. We are very proud of the fact we only have the best product ranges including ESPA, OPI and High Definition. ESPA itself is award winning and is usually found in luxury spas. Our treatments are of a 5* spa standard and we feel this makes us stand out from other high street salons. Obviously we are very lucky to have such a beautiful salon and an amazing location but our treatment standards and client care are what really make us stand out.

What inspired you to create a salon with an interior as distinctive as The Ocean Rooms?

The interior of The Ocean Rooms has always been my personal taste, my home is actually quite similar! I have always loved neutral colours, golds, black and white so I knew these would be the only colours I would use. I knew I wanted it to feel luxurious and glamorous but also different from any other beauty salon.

I wanted our look to be our own and not to emulate anyone else, although the floor was inspired by Chanel signature black and white with the logo! I worked with the most amazing interior designer who has an incredible eye for design – she really understood my vision and made it come to life; it’s all down to her really.

How has the business evolved?

We have expanded our team to keep up with the demand for appointments which is amazing. We now have a semi permanent makeup artist as well as a hair extension specialist working from the salon as well. We also now having a leading aesthetics doctor from London offering botox and dermal fillers once a month. We have fantastic regular clients and we just feel like we have been here forever.

The Ocean Rooms salon in Southampton

How does The Ocean Rooms keep up to date with new beauty treatment trends?

We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring we are up-to-date with the latest trends and the most effective treatments in the industry. We are conscious to ensure our therapists are constantly keeping up their skills as well as training in new and advanced treatments.

Our treatment menu has expanded in the year that we have been open to ensure we are providing our clients with the best! We range from holistic therapies such as aromatherapy massage to medi-spa treatments such as laser hair removal and derma roller, as well as the usual beauty treatments such as gel nails, extensions and waxing.

What do you think makes a successful beauty salon?

I think it’s important to ensure the therapists are of the highest standard – each therapist specialising in their particular field ensuring that clients receive the best treatment every time. We really care about our clients, each appointment is the most important, it should never feel like a production line for the clients or the therapists.

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How do you see the beauty business evolving over the next decade or so?

The beauty industry is constantly growing and evolving. What seemed like a luxury ten years ago is now becoming the norm. New treatments and products are always being released which ensures our industry is exciting and up to date. For example, gel polish is relatively new in the last ten years, but now nearly all of our clients can’t imagine life without it! It is exciting to think what might be around in ten years time.

The Ocean Rooms salon in Southampton

What can we expect from The Oceans Rooms in 2017 and beyond?

We are very happy with how things have gone in our first year – we have been overwhelmed by the support from the people of Southampton and we are very grateful for our wonderful clients. We want to continue to grow as a business and just always keep an eye out for exciting new stuff we can offer our clients! We will be expanding and opening more salons in the future, there will definitely be more Ocean Rooms!

What has been the driving force behind the success of The Ocean Rooms?

Our team! My girls are amazing… The therapists still amaze me with their skills and their care for our clients and the business. We have been a great team since day one and I am very lucky to be their manager. I receive fantastic feedback constantly and it makes me very proud. I look forward to us growing together in the future.

How do you stay innovative and competitive within the Southampton salon scene?

We pride ourselves on being leaders rather than followers. There are so many beauty salons in the area, so we feel it’s important to be unique and aim to be at the forefront with new ideas.

The Ocean Rooms salon in Southampton

What makes a great salon experience for a client?

First and foremost it is the genuine care they receive from their therapist. The small touches that make a treatment 5*, no matter if it is a simple eyebrow tidy or a full body massage the standard must remain impeccable. We must also achieve the best results for our clients so using the best possible products ranges is also vital. Everything we use is of the best standard even down to our comfy spa beds and fluffy towels!

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