Beauty Therapists all over have been sharing their experiences with us and we’ve rounded up our favourites to share with you. How many can you relate to?

Beauty Therapist Problems

1. When you apply the first coat of varnish and you can feel your clients eyes burning into your head… Judging every stroke that you make.

2. Trying to avoid nipple to eye contact during a spray tan. Enough said.

3. Dual room treatments mean, glaring at your other therapist friend and trying to make her laugh or mess up for a laugh.

4. Seeing someone post a photo of their freshly painted nails on Facebook and thinking, no free edge, needs cuticle trim, should have shaped them…

5. The last 10 minutes of a back massage is agonising, done all my movements I’ll just repeat them and hope they won’t notice.

6. Asking the same questions to each client: “Doing anything good at the weekend?” “Going away this year?”

7. Your 9am appointments wants a full leg wax and you have to get there at 8:30am to make sure the wax is ready.

8. Popping spots, squeezing blackheads – basically anything gross a beautician will love.

9. After a heavy night, it’s easy to go into work and have a sly snooze on the beauty bed. When it’s quiet you can be “just tidying the room” – close that door and sprawl on the bed.

10. When someone comes in with one single hair for each brow and says: “Can I have them shaped similar to Cara Delevigne?”

11. Having a 15 minute break that was tidying the room from the last client and then another 5 minutes setting up for the rest.

12. Your boyfriend thinking your job is dead easy and reminds you that “All you do is sit there and paint nails.”

13. Secretly hating the one beauty therapist that never has a hair out of place and looks fresh as a daisy all day long!

Have you got any of your own #BeautyTherapistProblems, that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear them, comment below…

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