The role of a beauty therapist is to be able to provide numerous treatments for clients to improve appearance across their face and body, but ultimately to make a person feel better about themselves. It’s heavily based on working alongside the public and building relationships with clients who rely on you to make them look amazing and feel comfortable while they are in your company.

A beauty therapist role should be filled by someone who is able to adapt themselves across different people, personalities, body parts and being able to work with others in a very close up environment.

In this post, we take a look at some of the very best things about becoming a beauty therapist.

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Social Skills

As you will be working with a number of clients daily, it’s important that you make each of them feel welcome when they are undergoing treatment with you – even if you’ve treated them before! Each day, you get to converse with new people and discuss a range of topics which could vary across their lives, holidays or just a general moan about everyday life!

It’s important that you are confident with each client and allow them to enjoy their pamper session. If you are shy and reserved, you might come across as rude and uncomfortable. With this type of role, it relies on clients being loyal to you so make sure that you provide them with a great treatment but also a quality service so they will book back to the salon to see you.

Personal Skillset

Alongside being able to complete a range of beauty treatments for clients, it’s important that you have a great set of personal skills to make the experience even better. It’s important to make a strong first impression to clients to make them feel relaxed and welcomed into the salon on arrival.

You’ll also have the skill to be discreet and understand customers confidentiality. People will trust you with body issues that they might have. Not everyone is happy with their body and you will be able to support them if they are nervous. You should be confident with other people’s body parts – as this does involves being up close and personal with them. It’s not always the glam job it’s presented as!

For this role, you should naturally have a steady hand and a great eye for the finer details! Some of the treatments may be a little tricky and it’s important that you have the skills – and patience – to ensure they are done to the highest standard they can be.

The latest trends and beauty looks will become part of your knowledge- if the hottest celebrity around has a new look you’ll be sure to know how to recreate the look to keep your clientele happy and on trend.

Being able to make people feel amazing- inside and out

After all, one of the main reasons that people make visits to beauty salons is to make themselves feel good but also to enhance their appearance. Most salons offer a range of services that clients may require to make them feel this way including waxing, tanning and massages. Some people might just pop in for a quick pick-me-up while others might want the works for a special occasions while others might be off on holiday and looking for a pamper to get themselves in the mood. Whatever the reason, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings to know that you’ve made your clients feel good in the skin they are in.

It’s not uncommon for clients to have never been inside a salon and naturally be a little shy to undergo treatment. It’s a great experience to watch them become relaxed in your company and to introduce them to how good a treatment can make them feel.

Versatile career

A career as a beauty therapist will allow you to complete numerous treatments daily and as we looked at last week – no day is ever the same! You could begin your day painting nails and finishing it with a intimate wax. However, while you are working there are many opportunities for you to extend your knowledge and skills which will allow you to try new treatments out on clients. Along with this, you’ll be able to sample new products that are available to buy within salons and train for this before using it on your customers.

If you want to progress your career, there’s a lot of potential for you to do so. You can climb the ladder into senior and management roles if you wish to continue your studies into further education.

An experienced therapist who may have a list of clients may wish to leave a salon and start their own business and hire other therapists. Or, alternatively for those interested in teaching their skills to budding beauty students, there’s opportunities to train them in colleges or privately.

Remember, being a beauty therapist is a customer facing role so it’s important that you are friendly, welcoming and approachable. Although you’ll be carrying out treatments, you are also giving a service to clients who are spending money to be there. Make sure you make their experience a great once and allow them to switch off from the world outside!


Next week we will be looking at courses you can study once you’ve qualified as a beauty therapist. Remember to leave your comment to share with us your favourite aspect of being a beauty therapist.

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