LED nail lamps have revolutionised the business of nails. In no time at all, your clients are treated to perfectly cured gel nails that are hardwearing, chip resistant and glossy! Using an LED light to cure gel nails can be a process that is as quick as 30 seconds so it’s no wonder LED nail lamps are so popular!  In today’s article, we’re answering the important questions asked by both clients and beauty professionals alike.

Maybe you’d like to know which is the best LED nail lamp to buy? Perhaps you’re curious about whether or not LED nail lights are safe? We cover them all here.

What’s the difference between UV and LED nail lamps?

Gel nail polish is cured when ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths hit a specific molecule in the gel formula and are activated. According to Practical Polish: “UV lamps emit broad UV wavelengths so it takes longer to cure but works on all gel. LED technology, on the other hand, uses more narrow UV wavelengths that target specific photoinitiators in the gel polish so the gel cures faster.”

  • LED lamps are typically faster at curing polish than UV lamps, and because of this they also generally cost a little more.
  • LED lamps only cure specific gel polish brands. However, most gel nail manufacturers will supply lamps that are compatible with their products in order to get the best quality results.
  • UV lamps cure all gel polish brands.

Are LED nail lights safe?

The UV exposure from nail lamps is very minimal, especially when compared with the exposure from tanning beds and even laying out in the sun. Practical Polish say: “The majority of the UV light that nail lamps emit is UV-A which is safer for your skin than UV-B. Since there is a concern about UV exposure, LED nail lamps are considered safer than UV lamps because they require less cure time – thus less UV exposure.”

Does an LED lamp work on regular polish?

In short, no, an LED lamp will not work on regular polish in the same way it works on gel formulas. This is because the formulation is completely different; gel polish contains a polymer that needs to be ‘cured’ by an LED lamp for it to become hard. Regular polish won’t dry any quicker or any differently under an LED lamp.

What is the best LED nail lamp to buy?

Discover the best LED nail lamps available to buy at Salons Direct.

1. Profile Gellux Mini LED Lamp

If you want to give your clients a great quality gel nail finish but don’t have the budget to spend on an expensive LED nail lamp, we recommend the Profile Gellux Mini LED Lamp. This 10W lamp has a 30-second timer, removable base and reflective inner surface. It features 47 LED bulbs for an optimum cure which have a bulb life of approximately 20,000 hours.

2. Gellux LED PRO-Lamp

This is our best selling Gellux LED PRO Lamp which is made to be used with Gellux polishes. This LED nail lamp cures nails in just 30 seconds which means less risk of shrinkage, flooding, chips or knocks. What’s more, the Gellux LED PRO nail lamp has a convenient bulb time of 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

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3. Orly Gel FX 800FX LED Lamp

Save time without compromising on quality, the Orly Gel FX 800FX LED Lamp is able to cure all 5 fingers at the same time! This digital LED nail lamp is of an extremely high quality and is energy efficient making it the perfect professional choice.