We’ve previously discussed how to set the right mood in your beauty salon treatment rooms, but what about the salon-furniture that makes up the room? And the products you’re actually using on your clients? In today’s article, you’ll find the very best products from our range of massage tables and massage oils. So whether you’re looking to update your existing products or starting from scratch, we hope you’ll find this useful!

Salon massage tables and couches

You won’t need us to tell you that the comfort of your client is extremely important, but it is especially the case for massage treatments where your client is likely to be laying down for an extended period of time. Combining a modern, slick aesthetic with quality and comfort, our range of salon massage tables and couches are second to none.

Lotus Bexley Spa Couch Cream

The stunning Lotus Bexley Spa Couch is height adjustable with a headrest and fully adjustable backrest ensuring that your client is treated to maximum comfort. This wooden based bed is extremely sturdy which is brilliant for when you are offering an intense massage treatment. This couch also features easy to wipe down upholstery so you can ensure it stays clean and hygienic.

Lotus Athena Portable Couch

For a more traditional looking choice when it comes to beauty couches, the Lotus Athena Portable Couch is ultra lightweight and is made up of an aluminium frame and black PVC/PU upholstery with soft foam padding. This couch also comes with a free carry case on wheels.

Lotus Darwin Motorised Couch

This sleek and modern beauty couch is motorised via a handheld control, though it can also be used manually should you wish. Adjust the headrest and the footrest to position your client correctly with this hugely versatile motorised beauty couch.

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Massage oils to try now!

The Strictly Professional 4l  massage oils are our bestselling massage oils. Brought to you in the quantity and quality you need to carry out a fantastic massage, this formulation is made from soya bean and wheat germ oil which offers a comfortable and enriching massage for the face and body.

L’Aroma is our own brand brought to you from the team here at Salons Direct. We know it’s very important to set the right mood in your massage treatment room via the senses – scent, being one of the most important. The L’aroma Wheatgerm Carrier Oil is enriched with vitamins and minerals which is perfect for revitalising your clients’ skin whilst smelling great!

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