If you are looking for high quality barbering and men’s hair styling products for your barber shop, take a look at what Copacetic has to offer.

Packaged up in stylish vintage style packaging, not only are these products sure to look amazing around your barber chair, but will also help you create the perfect cuts.

So, what makes Copacetic different from other barber products on the market? This brand was founded in the award-winning Savills Barbershop by the highly respected Joth Davis. The compact product range has been carefully formulated by barbers, for barbers – so, rather than a confusing list of products, there is a straightforward range of hero products that can be mixed and matched as you need.

We caught up with Copacetic to find out more about the brand and the products they offer – don’t forget, you can shop the full range online with Salons Direct…

Copacetic Pomade 100ml

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Can you tell us a little bit about the Copacetic brand and how it got started?

Copacetic started originally as an idea a few years ago. Within Savills were were struggling to identify a product range that matched both our branding and performance expectations. We started working on some concept products as a team in Savills barber shop and Copacetic was born. However, it took us another couple of years to perfect the original four products which involved a great deal of testing and changing of formulations to achieve exactly what we wanted.

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What makes Copacetic stand out from its competitors?

It is a brand that is designed by barbers, for barbers, and doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t. We will never be a brand that aims to saturate the market with multiple launches of new products in quick succession.

We brought out our Beard Salve last year and have a couple of new products waiting in the wings. But, we would rather educate our customers to understand the flexibility and usability of our existing range than introduce unnecessary additions to the range. As barbers ourselves we know that simplicity is the key and any style can be achieved with the use of our existing products either by themselves or ‘cocktailed’ together.

We are also in the process of transitioning our entire range over into 100% recyclable packaging that maintains the vintage aesthetics of the brand, but is more suited to today’s social awareness of the planet.

Why are Copacetic products perfect for use by barbers in barbershops?

Like we said above, it has been designed specifically for use in barbershops, so you can’t get more perfect than that! Our price point also offers great value for money, making it an achievable upsell in a barbering environment.

What are your best selling products and why do you think this is?

We find that with Copacetic there is an even split in the popularity of the hair styling products. The Beard Salve has been particularly well received post launch, partly due to its effectiveness, but also due to its amazing and unique wood spice fragrance.

What type of client would you say Copacetic is aimed at – or do you find that everyone can enjoy it?

We are delighted to achieve a universal attraction with our branding. We have always been heavily influenced by the barbering of yesterday, even before it gained in popularity. We think that this attraction to the aesthetics transcends all age groups and, coupled with the fact that we have a solution for any hair type and style, means that we can cater for all client needs.

How do you keep up with industry trends while still maintaining your distinctive brand?

We are constantly innovating with the Copacetic brand. The fact that we are fortunate enough to have our own popular and highly regarded flagship barbershop means that we can truly keep our finger on the pulse of emerging trends. Joth Davies, the founder of both Copacetic and Savill’s Gentlemen’s Grooming, travels the world delivering education face to face with barbers of all cultures and backgrounds and this also means we can truly create a range that caters for all.

Do you have any advice or tips for barbers who are new to the product range?

Embrace its versatility and reach out and communicate with us. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Copacetic’s popularity and our inspiration for its development was indirectly influenced by barbers for barbers. It always has been and always will be.

What does the future hold for the Copacetic brand?

We have a couple of exciting new launches waiting in the wings. These have been delayed due to the Covid 19 situation, however, we can’t wait to get back into the driving seat of the Copacetic brand. We plan on rescheduling our educational trips to Canada and Portugal that were postponed and pick up where we left off.

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