Responsible for paving the way in how stylists use foil in hair colouring,  we caught up with the bright and bold innovators Framar to find out what makes the brand tick and how they have continued to reign supreme within the business of hair colour tools.


Photo Credit: Aliona Davy

Tell us more about how Framar became industry innovators in using foil to colour hair?

In 1986, after Frank Gallo returned from a colour course in England, he decided to bring a new technique he learned, over to North America. This technique was obviously utilising foil in the colouring process.

After implementing the foil process into his salons, his wife Maria Gallo saw a fantastic business opportunity. She began education and personal visits to salons raising awareness which generated traction in the industry. What started out of a home stock room has turned into a much larger facility that has escalated from foil to an entire line of colouring tools. Since then, foil has been a staple within the colour room.


Celebrity and blogger colourist Amy Fish loves her Framar brushes and mixing bowl

How is foil beneficial for colouring hair?

The foil conducts heat and incubates the hair and the colour.

What inspired Framar to choose such a vibrant and instantly recognisable colour palette for your products?

During the rebranding process of our company, the objective was to be different. Foil and colour accessories are usually a commodity item, boring, and uninspiring. We set out to change that. The colourful circles were created to emulate rolls of coloured foil which were one of the first items we ever produced.

London based colourists  ‘Not another salon’ love Framar 

What are your best-selling product (s)?

Our best-selling products would have to be our colour brushes, 5×11 Star Struck Silver Pop up, and Connect & Colour bowls, in that order. To be specific, our medium sized brush & regular basic colouring brush are the most popular. Other popular products include the smooth or embossed roll, and the 5×12 embossed pre cut that turns into its own stand.

What inspired the re-brand in 2011?

Foil and colour accessories are a commodity which every company in the world, including Framar, looked at it as prior to 2010. We knew that if we continued to have this outlook and not be creative, our company would not grow.

framar hair products

Photo Credit: Aliona Davy – Discover the Framar balayage board and paddle set

What makes a good colourist?

Passion, the will to learn, confidence, and someone who is open to trying new things. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Which has been your favourite colour trend over the last decade?

Because we are in an age right now where balayage is so popular, we would have to say that. Balayage has made our colouring brushes a global success. Not only are they incredible for regular colour applications, they excel with balayage because of the accusoft bristles. We initially believed that balayage would hurt our company but in turn, because we made products that promoted the technique, balayage actually ended up helping us.

Stylist and blogger Aliona Davy has achieved fabulous balayage hair using Framar products…

Check out Aliona’s balayage kit essentials including the Framar rubberised sectioning clips

What does Framar have in-store for 2017 and beyond?

Innovation. We are looking to expand our product line and get into other avenues of the colour room.

How does Framar stay competitive within the industry?

Creativity is key. Without having a different mentality and a different way of looking at things, you can not stay competitive.

X-Factor stylist Jamie Stevens also loves Framar

Discover our best-selling range of Framar products

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