Are you always on the lookout for new nail products to wow your clients with? In that case, you need to hear about Glossify!

We were so excited to stock this up-and-coming gel nail brand here at Salons Direct – from the brilliant Naturabuild builder gel to the gorgeous array of gel polish shades, this range is a nail tech’s dream!

To help you find out more, we decided to catch up with the team at Glossify to fill us in…

Hi! Can you fill our readers in on the Glossify brand and how it got started?

Glossify is a small boutique nail brand based in Manchester. We have over 18 years experience in the nail industry as nail techs and salon owners. We wanted to offer great products but also a transparent brand built by nail techs who know what our customers want.


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What makes Glossify stand out from competitors?

I think at the moment whilst we are so new, we can really be involved in every aspect of what goes on behind the scenes. If you contact us you get honest advice from real techs. We also have a few amazing ambassadors that are really involved in how the brand moves forward. We want it to be driven by people in the industry that are client facing.

Why is Glossify perfect for professional nail techs?

Glossify is a professional only brand. This offers exclusivity for our customers to offer long lasting gel manicures that can’t be achieved just anywhere. Although home manicures have become more popular over the recent months, when you have a Glossify manicure you know it will last and has been done by an amazing qualified, insured professional that has your nail health in their best interest.

What are your best selling products and why do you think that is?

Our best selling products are definitely our amazing Naturabuild and Glossy top. Naturabuild is a strong wear base gel that you can use to extend the nail to a short or medium length if required. It gives the manicure more staying power and reduces the risk of breakages, allowing clients to grow their natural nails to a healthy length. It’s applied in place of a base coat so it can add extra on to your service without the need for extra time.

Everyone loves our Glossy top, too! We get sent photos all the time where you can see the camera reflection in the shine, it honestly looks like glass!


Glossify is Vegan and Cruelty Free – how important do you think this is for nail brands these days?

There have been so many tests over the years on the chemicals used that there really is no need to be testing anything on animals at this point. It’s something that’s important to us in our own lives and so it is reflected through our brand.

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We love scrolling through Glossifys Instagram! How important was social media when creating the Glossify brand?

Thank you! Honestly there’s no rhyme or reason to it we just post what we like and our personal taste is reflected in what you see. We wanted a very current feel to it. I think out of all the professions in the beauty and cosmetics industry, nail brands can get a bit forgotten about. Nails aren’t really like hair in the sense that you can change a colour to match your mood, outfit, occasion. So instead of the consumer looking at what dress they’re going to wear they can be looking at what nails they will have. No outfit is complete without a good manicure right?!

With regards to social media in general, it was always a priority to use it as a tool to connect with others in the industry and our customers. We regularly chat to people and share others work. We like photos of amazing techs even if it’s not our brand used. It’s so important to us that good work is recognised, as it takes years to perfect this craft. Our ambassadors are from all different backgrounds, some with lots of followers, some not. Some have other jobs and nails isn’t their main profession. It’s more about the relationship and the team we’ve built than anything else.

How do you make sure Glossify keeps up to date with latest trends?

We are always looking at influencers and what is coming in social media wise, but we also rely on input from ambassadors. They are client facing, they use the gel every day, they know what gets asked for the most. What they think we need next or feedback from clients, who better to ask than them!

Do you have any tips for those that are new to the Glossify product range?

You won’t know if you love it until you try it. There’s always offers on if people want to try, being affordable and having the best products and customer service is always a priority.

If there’s anything you want to know just ask, we’re always available and so are our ambassadors. We try to get back to everyone as fast as we can.

What does the future hold for Glossify?

We’re so grateful to have come as far as we have in such a short space of time. We have so much to look forward to next year! We’d love to share but that would spoil the surprises wouldn’t it!

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