Favoured by numerous beauty professionals, our brand spotlight this month is with the dynamic and multi-award winning, Beauty Pro. Creators of well favoured beauty products including innovative treatments, sheet masks and more, the Beauty Pro team tell us more about their established brand and how they stay competitive within the industry.

Tell us more about how Beauty Pro began?

Beauty Pro launched in 2004 with our industry leading Hot Towel Steamer which became a hero product in the wholesale market place and within salons and spas. In 2014 we rebranded and launched our two very first sheet masks: Brightening and Rejuvenating. These became an instant hit with salons and spas.

In 2016 we refreshed our look once again and layered on the success of Brightening and Rejuvenating by introducing an additional 7 masks:

Nourishing Mask

Detoxifying Mask

Black Peel Mask

Eye Therapy

Hand Therapy

Foot Therapy

Foot & Callus Peel

In October 2017, we launched 2 additional masks: Lifting and Purifying which are 3D Clay Sheet Masks.

In 2015, we launched the BARBER PRO range which are a range sheet masks designed specifically for men. 

To date, we have won numerous awards including, Beauty Shortlist’s ‘Best face mask for age delay’ for our Nourishing Mask and ‘Best new male facial product’ in the OK! Beauty Awards.

How does Beauty Pro stay competitive within the industry?

To ensure we stay competitive and at the forefront of people’s mind we lead with innovation and creativity, listening carefully to what professionals and consumers want, and working as hard as possible to fulfil these needs.

What trends have you seen recently within the beauty space?

One of the biggest trends to report on for 2017 has been the want for beauty products which contain Activated Charcoal. This powerful ingredient helps to withdraw and clear impurities trapped within the skin. Within the BeautyPro range we have 2 masks which contain Activated Charcoal: Black Diamond Peel Off and Detoxifying. Within the BARBER PRO range, 3 of the masks contain Activated Charcoal: Face Putty, Under Eye Masks and Foaming Cleansing Mask.

What are your best selling products?

Our most popular products of late are the products which contain the Activated Charcoal ingredient: Black Diamond Peel Off, Detoxifying, Face Putty, Under Eye Masks and Foaming Cleansing Mask.

Alongside this, our Foot & Callus Peel is a very popular product. This treatment bootie helps to remove hard, dry skin from the feet in just 7 days without the need for harsh tools or implements.

How do you innovate as a brand?

Listening to the wants and needs from our customers allows us to create products which are truly desirable.

How do you see the future of skincare shaping?

We always say that sheet masks are the beauty trend that is here to stay. We see sheet masks becoming a maintenance treatment which consumers use alongside their existing skincare regime, once or twice a week. The beauty of using a sheet mask is the quick powerful results.

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