Here at Salons Direct, it’s our mission to bring you new and exciting products to help you do your job better. We’re now proud stockists of  ColorTrack hair colour products and accessories, and in this edition of ‘Brand Spotlight,’ we chat to the ColorTrak team to find out more.

Brand Spotlight Q&A with ColorTrak…

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Tell us more about how ColorTrak began?

Colortrak’s parent company, Betty Dain Creations, has been a powerhouse for apparel in the beauty industry since the 1960’s. At the turn of the century, we began to see that hair colour wasn’t only being used by our mother’s and grandmothers. Younger people were colouring their hair and this was a trend that would create a new category. So we purchased a company by the name of SBS Beauty Systems, that was primarily a tipping cap and processing cap company. We rebranded the line as Colortrak adding all sorts of modern & innovative hair colour accessories which has now turned into one of the most sought after hair colouring tools worldwide.



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How does the brand remain innovative?

Besides having on staff colourists, we collaborate with 50 brand ambassadors to bring to market tools BY colourists FOR colourists. We are in constant communication with them and bring them to Miami, (AKA: Colortrak’s Summer of Color) once a year for a brainstorming session.

What makes ColorTrak stand out from their competitors?

Simple – Innovation. We are the first to market with so many new tools and techniques. Glitter brushes, Cling-free film, Color Control film, Ambassador Collection Bowls/Board/Brushes which are ergonomically designed. The list goes on and on. We truly incorporate the ideas and designs of our ambassador team into the new products we launch to assure we are giving the colourists exactly what they WANT and NEED.

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What are your best-selling products and why do you think that is?

We sell tons of foil and foil alternatives such as Meche and Film. The colouring tools last longer, but colourists go through boxes of foil at a much quicker pace.

How have trends within the business of hair colour evolved over the years?

Our hair colour brushes have changed the most as different processes/techniques have come into popularity. For instance, when Balayage became popular, colourists were looking for brushes with softer bristles so we came out with famous feather bristle brushes. Now, most of our brush collections are offered in both Feather Bristles and Firm bristles to accommodate the new demand. We also saw the need for longer foil sheets as colouring long hair became more popular.


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What has been the brand’s greatest success? Campaign? Product?

Our greatest success is being able to be first to market with innovative & cool tools. Take a look at our Ambassador Collection. Tools for stylists designed by stylists. Ergonomically designed with interchangeable heads on our brushes. Bowls that store colour for an extended time.

We’ve made it our mission to design tools for hair stylists that expect more – more creative control, more blend-ability, and more flexibility to execute their vision. When we often hear stylists say “I only use Colortrak tools” we know we achieved our goal.

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