Kaeso brand

Offering natural, luxury formulas, the Kaeso brand is coveted by professional beauty therapists looking to give their clients an exquisite pampering treatment, whether it be a luxury facial, or a pedicure.

In this brand spotlight, we catch up with the Kaeso team to find out more about how they stay competitive in the business of beauty, as well as their natural ingredient ethos and much more.

How does Kaeso stay competitive within the industry?

Kaeso stays competitive in the industry by listening to our customers in addition to keeping abreast with industry trends. We ensure that we have regular product launches which help us keep the brand fresh and also gain new customers.

How have trends in the business of skincare evolved over the years?

Skincare is a fast-paced industry which is constantly changing. Kaeso has a core range that looks after skin maintenance and over the years this has evolved through customer demand with the addition of The Elixir Facial Oil and The Luxe Serum. These facial specific products can be added to any core range to help address particular skin care requirements.

What do you think sets Kaeso apart from their competitors within the market?

Kaeso is a professional range so it is slightly different to some of our competitors and can only be purchased through our distributor partners or salons. We like to stay true to the industry and protect the brand. Kaeso has a sound ethos and we stay true to being a naturally derived range.

All Kaeso manicure & pedicure products are vegan-friendly. There are no animal-derived ingredients used in any of the formulations. All Kaeso skincare and facial product are also vegan-friendly with the exception of Moisturising Soufflé Body Moisturiser which contains Lanolin and Beeswax and the Collagen and Micro-Current Gels which contain Collagen, however, these are suitable for vegetarians.

Tell us more about Kaeso’s natural ingredients ethos?

Kaeso® is formulated using beneficial botanical and natural extracts, renowned for their benefits to the skin. Each product meets with our beauty innocence criteria and is free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil.

What skincare trends do you predict for 2018 and beyond?

With anti-aging being stated as one of the most requested treatments in the Guild of Beauty, Beauty Industry Surveys Professional Skincare May 2017 – we foresee that a new product or treatment in this area will be the next big thing. We are all striving to make skin look even younger, brighter and tighter. Anti-aging is big business and I cannot see 2018 or beyond being any different.

What has been the brand’s greatest success? This could be a campaign or a product?

Kaeso’s biggest success was the launch of the facial kits. These brought together five of our skincare essentials in an attractive package. These kits cater for each specific skin type and contain everything required to achieve the perfect facial.

These kits have recently had a facelift which has brought eye-catching colour to the range whilst highlighting the key beneficial ingredients on pack. Each pack contains Cleanser 195ml, Toner 195ml, exfoliator 95ml, face mask 95ml and moisturiser 195ml.

What are your best-selling products?

Our best selling products are our pedicure kits which contain everything you need for the perfect pedicure. Kaeso Pedicure is a cooling and refreshing range designed to relieve sore, tired feet while invigorating and energising.

Created to satisfy the core requirements of any professional pedicure treatment, Kaeso Pedicure is stimulating, zesty yet incredibly soothing. The range contains cooling menthol and recharging lime and ginger to stimulate the feet and leave them incredibly soft and smooth. Kaeso Pedicure products will ensure your customers deliver unforgettable pedicure treatments for their clients.

How do you innovate as a brand?

As a brand, we are constantly introducing new products to the range. We keep an eye on industry trends and ensure we listen to our customers’ needs and wants. Our new product development team are constantly out in the field at exhibitions looking for new and innovative ingredients.

How has social media and the rise of influencer marketing had an effect on the brand?

Social plays a large part in the growth of the brand as it enables us to talk easily with our consumers. It is the perfect channel to launch new products and create a dialogue with our end users. With the use of social media, we have a much wider reach and have the ability to produce interactive content and tutorials.

What can we expect from Kaeso throughout 2018 and beyond?

We have just launched three NEW products into the range so there will be a lot over coverage on this over the coming weeks. We have launched NEW products into eye care, Eye Believe – Makeup Remover Oil 195ml, Fresh Start – Soak Off Gel Polish Remover 195ml and Primed Gel Polish Pre & Finish 195ml.

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