This year at Salons Direct we have some very exciting new brands coming your way – one of the first being the industry renowned Saeyang E-Files & Dust Collectors!

Saeyang are the product of choice for nail techs across the UK who all share one thing in common; they want an e-file and dust collector they can rely on time after time.

For those who are unfamiliar, we caught up with Saeyang for this month’s brand spotlight feature to find out more about them.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the Saeyang brand and what it stands for?

Saeyang is a well known Korean brand and manufacturer of expert electronic machinery. We also own brand names such as ‘Marathon’, which those of a dental background will know very well. Saeyang stands for quality, reliability and care; we put care of our products and customers at the centre of the company’s ethos.

How do Saeyang e-files stand out from competitors?

The Saeyang hand pieces in particular are renowned for being smooth yet robust enough for the day to day rigours of e-filing. The control boxes on the K38 and K35 in particular stand out from the crowd with their modern appearance and classic LED digital displays combining style with a substance to match.

What makes Saeyang e-files and dust collectors a great fit for salons and mobile nail techs?

A reliable and reputable e-file is a must for any busy nail technician; having faith in an important tool of the job is one of the most important things whilst working in this sector.

Second to this is dealing with the dust an e-file will inevitably create, so having an equally reliable and effective dust collector is paramount. The Zephyros Dust Collector boasts the same style and reliability of the Saeyang e-files, as well as having been made with love and pride in Korea by a company passionate about dust management.

What are your best selling products? What do you think makes them so popular?

Our e-files, fume and dust collectors are all our best sellers; basically anything electrical! We have fully qualified and trained electronic engineers who manage every aspect of our day-to-day supply of electronics.

Whether it is a quick warranty repair, advice over the phone or helping us develop our next product, having UK expertise and support to call upon at the drop of a hat is massive to us. Our Korean suppliers are very committed to being able to offer UK distribution and reliable aftercare.

When spending so much on e-files and dust collectors, our customers really do seem to appreciate this, as it means anything they buy will be looked after within the UK with a transparent and honest UK company.

Why should nail technicians choose Saeyang e-files over any other?

Just try them and you will see!

Compared to cheap alternatives available online (such as eBay and Amazon), Saeyang are really in a league of their own for torque power and performance. Add this to the fact if there is ANY issue with using the e-file, they can contact us for friendly UK help and support.

We also service the e-files to help prolong the life of them for as long as you need it. In fact, one of the first we ever sold is over 10 years old now and it still comes back to us every year for its service (thank you to Rachael for being one of our first customers!).

Who can use Saeyang e-files – are they best suited to beginners, experts or everyone?

In theory anybody can use one, but we would strongly recommend some sort of training or experience before buying. We can offer training for people local to us on a pre-booked basis, but usually there is a professional local to the customer who can advise on how to get the best from your e-file.

Zephyros Dust Collector in action by Cooticles Nails and Lashes

One of our lovely customers made this video showing the Zephyros dust collector in action! Check out all that debris on the filter paper!Buy yours now here, currently on special offer: Cooticles Brows & Lashes <<<Notice as well, the Saeyang K35 E-File also in Action: #beauty #nails #nailart #nailtechician #dustcollector #southkorea #zephyros

Posted by TAFS Products Ltd on Monday, 14 January 2019

Have you noticed any new or changing trends in the nail industry?

The management of dust and fumes will continue to become more paramount over the coming years, especially with the more common use of e-files. We have developed a few ways of dealing with dust and fumes and are constantly looking for new ideas to help the customer, big or small, solve any dust and fume related issues.

Is there anything new from Saeyang coming up in the future?

Yes, there is!! It relates very much to the last question but at the moment needs to be kept under wraps. Salons Direct will be one of the first to know so keep your peepers open in 2020.

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