For many clients, professional hair removal can be a sensitive topic. So, it is your job as a beauty expert to make sure anyone who comes for a wax treatment in your salon is as comfortable as possible – which means you need products that make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible!

Waxü is a brand that keeps these needs very much in mind. Created by women for women, their unique waxing products ensure beauticians can offer a quick and comfortable service with beautiful results. They also offer training programmes to help salons really get to grips with the products.

We caught up with them to find out more…

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Can you tell us more about how Waxu began?

Waxü began around 6 years ago when I identified a need in the waxing industry for a waxing range that specialised in intimate waxing but also had very little drying time so virtually sets on contact giving consumers the opportunity to have an express intimate wax. It also means less time is needed for the appointments so it’s more profitable for salons

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How does the brand remain innovative?

We continually review our methods and receive feedback from our customers so we can improve as a business and deliver above and beyond for our customers.

What makes Waxu stand out from competitors?

Our premium grade waxes are at the top of their game delivering the most comfortable and fastest wax of your clients lives. Women and men everywhere tell us when having a waxu it is the most comfortable wax they have ever experienced. We also offer training courses to give you the skills needed to become the best of the best at waxing.

What are your best-selling products and why do you think that is?

I can definitely say that our best selling products are the Waxü Hot Wax beads and Waxü Warm wax tubs. These two products are so versatile and can be used on many areas of the body. Our waxes are extremely cost effective so a small amount goes a long away and they are so easy to apply, making the application and removal process so much faster!

How have trends within waxing evolved over the years?

I feel the waxing industry is changing to adapt to not only the needs of the customer, but to the salons also. Customers want to have a thorough treatment in less time. And feel confident that the products used will give them exceptional results. Salons are definitely looking for waxing brands which aren’t too complicated to use and that are specifically designed to perform certain treatments. I feel salons want brands that are reliable and accessible, which is fantastic for Waxü as our products are made in the UK.

Can you tell us more about your Waxu Training Courses?

Waxü’s Waxing School Ltd offers waxing qualifications which are accredited by the Guild and are delivered by our highly experienced trainers. These consist of Female and Male Intimate courses, and a beginners waxing course also. We also offer Masterclass training. This is waxu brand training and it’s designed for salons/therapists who are wanting to take on the brand. When customers spend a minimum amount with us, we include teaching product knowledge, as well as teaching waxü’s signature express intimate wax. This is a great way for salons to be exclusive and promote they have been waxü trained. We offer these courses at our Nottingham and Oh Darlin’, Liverpool locations.

What can we expect to see from Waxu in the future?

We have some exciting new lines coming very shortly to waxu, some of which is for retail to clients and the other new line is to help keep the treatment rooms looking stylish whilst waxing.

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