A role as a beauty therapist is a great career choice that can present endless opportunities for you. Despite there being a lot of hard work and studying involved, you might find yourself landing one of the most exciting beauty roles within the industry.

Once you’ve qualified as a beauty therapist, the most common step is to work in a local salon to gain experience and skills that you will need for your career. For those wondering what types of roles are available to go into after this, we’ve put together some of the different career choices that you can aspire to work in and how you can get there.

For some roles, it may be that you’ll need to gain new qualifications and skills to take you to the next level, but the results will be worth it when it leads into a successful career with more responsibility.

Opening your own salon

If your dream is to work for yourself and with other staff working for you, then running your own beauty salon could be the next logical step.

You’ll be able to create the image of how you want the salon to look, the customers you’ll attract, what services you can offer and employ staff who you’ll think will be suited to the team and the business. In time, you might find yourself taking on other students who might be looking to gain experience and you could show them the ropes on things they’ll need to know for while they are studying and for future roles.

For this type of role, studying a foundation business course or a BA hons degree in Salon Management might be a big help in knowing how to run a business and how to make sure it’s successful.

Overseas work

During your career, you might fancy a change of scenery and might like to work overseas to experience beauty therapy in another environment. Qualified beauty therapists are able to take time to work overseas on luxury cruise cruise ships, hotels or in holiday resorts. It’s a break from the usual 9-5 role that you might find yourself in. You would be providing pampering sessions for guests while they are relaxing on holiday and having a break from the real world.

Media Work

If you have qualified and have a really strong creative edge, you could apply your skills to working in a media environment. This could be working behind the scenes on TV or film productions, or leading fashion shoots. You’d be making sure those featuring on them would be looking their best and also a chance for people within the industry to recognise your work which could lead you to other opportunities- you might find yourself catering for celebrities!

Beauty Teacher

If you’re patient, calm and passionate about beauty, a career in teaching students could be the next step in your career. You can pass on your knowledge and experience to those who are at the very beginning of their training and looking for inspiration from a qualified therapist. To qualify as a teacher, you’d need to study the lifelong learning sector PTLLS 6302 but you’d be able to reap in the benefits of being to achieve this and watch students progression during the course.

Salon Management roles

By working hard and showing commitment to your company might lead you to a head of department role. If working freelance, or opening your own business isn’t for you, there’s an opportunity to work your way up to the top level and the be the head beautician or therapist. A role that will be more in demand that junior therapists, but you’ll be able to guide them using your experience and skillset.

Whatever beauty career step is for you, we’re sure it will be a great choice. It’s an industry that will keep expanding for many years in the future and it’s the perfect time to become involved with it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about qualifications that you’ll need for the above roles, discover our previous blog post which will provide you with a range of information.

Make sure to check back next week for our post which looks at the skillset that you will need to be a professional beauty therapist. Remember to leave a comment sharing what type of role you’ve ended up as a beauty therapist!

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