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Introducing the RollerCoaster Stool

Most hairdressing stool wheels become clogged with hair and must be regularly cleaned to remove the hair. Not anymore…. Introducing the revolutionary RollerCoaster Stool which makes removing hair from castors a things of the past! This stylish stool is fitted…

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Create the look: Grungy Grey

How to create Grungy Grey Hair using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE Colour Formulas: A. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 7/18 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel B. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 9/81 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel C. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 10/88 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel Step 1: Start from the front hair…

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Hair, Hair Colour, How-To Guides

Create the look: Nacre Blonde

Colour Formulas: A. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 10/95 + Welloxon Perfect 9% B. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 10/95 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel C. 30g Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 10/0 + 15g Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 55/66 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel D. 40g Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 0/0 + 20g Koleston Perfect…

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