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Help your clients to achieve and maintain healthy and vibrant coloured hair with Celeb LuxuryThe brand offers colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners that distribute pigments to your client’s hair to help keep their colour toned correctly. Whatsmore, Celeb Luxury’s nourishing conditioning formula also helps repair broken bonds thanks to the brand’s innovative BondFix Bond Repair complex.


Celeb Luxury keeps hair colour looking fresh with their proprietary Colorposit technology and fade prevention system. It is healthy for your hair and friendly to the planet.

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What are Celeb Luxury Colorwash shampoos and conditioners?

Celeb Luxury products contain a semi-permanent direct dye that is pre-mixed inside the shampoo and conditioner. You can use Celeb Luxury’s range on clients with colour-treated or bleached hair to help maintain their most desired tones.

Various shades are available in both fashion colours and natural hues, and the entire range is plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan, and Ammonia and peroxide-free.

As well as being insanely pigmented, The Celeb Luxury colour depositing products build broken bonds in the hair. With a smart and weightless formula, one use makes hair three times stronger. Unlike other bond rebuilders, you cannot overuse it.

The Celeb Luxury range is a versatile addition to your salon business as it can also be used as a salon retail opportunity for your clients to maintain their colour between colour service as well as beings used as part of your client’s in-salon treatment.

1. Celeb Luxury Viral

The Celeb Luxury Viral range includes both bright and pastel fashion colours in the Colorwash Shampoo and Colorditioner Conditioner, which also contains BondFix Bond Repair.

Viral bottles from Celeb Luxury

Viral is available in two sizes, 244ml and 739ml.




2. Celeb Luxury Gem Lites

The Gem Lites range offers amazing natural tones in blonde, red and brown, as with the Vivids range, the Gem Lite Colorditioner Conditioners also includes BondFix Bond Repair. Use the Gem Lites conditioner as a mask on clean, dry hair for 20 minutes for deep moisturising.

Product shot of Gem Lites by Celeb Luxury


How to use Celeb Luxury Colorwash shampoo and conditioners on bleached hair

As professional colourists, you know that using the right toner is the key to adding the right icy tone to bleached hair. Try Celeb Luxury’s  Icy Silver to transform raw and brassy blonde into ice queen dreams.

product shot of Viral Extreme Silver Colorwash Shampoo 244ml by Celeb Luxury




  • Built-in Bond Rebuilder to strengthen, repair and regenerate bonds for 3x stronger hair.
  • Hydrates the hair with every wash.
  • Crafted with plant-based ingredients and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Multiple washes for more intensity.


Product shot of Viral Colorditioner

Spotlight on Celeb Luxury Colorwash Shampoo and conditioner in Graphite – Coming Soon to Salons Direct!

Graphite is that deeper neutral grey that you have been waiting for. Neutral shades such as Graphite do not appear on the traditional colour wheel. Rather, they sit independently with other ‘non-colours’ such as black and white. This is important to note when trying to achieve a rich silver.

With that said, colourists and clients were asking for a Colorwash shade that was deeper than Silver, so the Celeb Luxury team brought out stunning Graphite. Graphite is available in a Colorwash shampoo, and conditioner, for hair that is colour-treated or bleached.

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