A good quality professional hairdryer is an absolute essential for any hair stylist. With Elchim, you can be assured that you are getting everything you need in one package!

Having been at the frontline of the industry for over 45 years, these leading standard tools have been designed with salons in mind. One of their highlight products, though, is the Elchim 3900 Hairdryer. It has plenty to boast about, including the potential to cut drying time by 30%, a lightweight and balanced design for easy use and static elimination for a frizz-free finish.

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Take a look at our infographic below to see all the features and benefits of the brilliant Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer!

Here’s why you the¬†Elchim 3900 should be first choice in your salon:Features and benefits of the Elchim 3900 Hairdryer

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Features and benefits of the Elchim 3900 Hairdryer

“We were impressed by the lightness of the Elchim 3900 hairdryer, and thought the power might be compromised because of this. The Elchim Hairdryer is fast, powerful and a must-have for any salon professional.” – Gary Hooker & Michael Young, Hooker & Young

Features and Benefits

  • 2400w
  • Hottest and most powerful on the market
  • Only 570g!
  • Airflow of 85 cubic metres per hour
  • Ionic Ceramic System improves moisture and nourishes the hair
  • Low noise with a built in silencer
  • Salon length cord
  • 2 speed and 2 heat settings
  • Coldshot button
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Low EMF
  • 2 Concentrator nozzles
  • Removable filter

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