Is your salon fully booked up over Christmas? Or could you do with a few ideas to boost your promotions? Opportunity is ample at this time of year, as party season means plenty of clients want to look and feel their best. However, sitting back and waiting for clients to come to you is not always enough.

With the right Christmas marketing ideas, your salon can become a destination for pampering and a hub for seasonal cheer.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Christmas marketing strategies tailored specifically for salons, ensuring that your salon business stands out amidst the party season hustle and bustle, leaving a lasting impression on your clientele.

Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Salon In 2023

1. Take care of your retail sales

Christmas is the perfect time to nurture some additional income through retail promotions. It’s a good idea to refresh your retail area when you get your new Christmas retail stock in to help get some attention from clients who might usually walk past it.

Be sure to choose some gift sets that are packaged up attractively and include a good range of price points such as some little treats, stocking fillers and larger gift sets. You could even package some up into gift hampers.

Placing a few lower-value items by your till can encourage some impulse buys while having some sitting in the window might encourage passers-by to come in and make a purchase. Make sure your salon is well-staffed during this period to ensure someone is there to help with walk-ins. You could also offer gift vouchers for clients to buy as gifts for friends and family members.

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2. Take the Opportunity to boost Client Loyalty

Elevating the client experience during this festive time can make a lasting impression and keep customers coming back well into the New Year. Consider introducing special Christmas-themed packages and exclusive discounts for loyal clients, and decorate the salon to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Small gestures, such as offering complimentary seasonal refreshments, can go a long way. Around Christmas, even your most low-maintenance clients will probably be stopping by for a festive pick-me-up!

Use the time you will be seeing them build up your relationship and let them know about any upcoming offers or new treatments they might be interested in – but be careful not to give them a sales pitch. You don’t want to scare them away!

3. Offer Treatment Packages

Getting party-ready is a big deal for lots of clients! To encourage them to come to you, you could offer them a package of treatments at a tempting price. For example, a blow dry and manicure treatment duo could be great for the day of their Christmas parties! Or, how about a post-party deep conditioning hair treatment to restore their shine?

From rejuvenating facials to radiant party-ready hairstyles, these packages can be designed to provide a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the season.

To add a touch of seasonal charm, incorporate Christmas-themed treatments such as peppermint-infused massages or sparkling manicures.

Offering these curated Christmas packages elevates the overall salon experience and positions your business as the go-to destination for those seeking a touch of glamour and self-indulgence during this joyous time of year.

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4. Host a Client Event

Client events are a great way to build relationships and let your clients know more about your salon’s offerings. Christmas is a brilliant time to arrange a client event.

Consider organising an exclusive evening event with complimentary festive treats, mulled wine, or seasonal refreshments. Show your salon’s expertise by incorporating live demonstrations of popular Christmas hairstyles or beauty treatments.

Offer special discounts or promotional packages for attendees, incentivising both current and potential clients to indulge in your services.

Encourage social media sharing by creating a unique event hashtag, allowing your clients to capture and share their experiences. You could offer a taster of some party season packages you have or new treatments you have coming in for the new year – get them booked in now if you can.

Remember that most people will be really busy at this time of year, so be sure to arrange this with plenty of notice.

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5. Get Social!

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools for salons. Make sure you use it to show off your festivities – maybe your clients will snap a selfie with your Christmas decorations or share a picture of a festive hot chocolate or even Prosecco you offer them; just don’t forget the rules on serving alcohol in your salon.

If you’ve done some work you’re particularly proud of – maybe some killer Christmas nail art or a gorgeous red-carpet style hairstyle – be sure to ask your client if you can post a picture on your salon’s Instagram or Facebook. Remind all your staff to do the same, too.

You could also show off some ’behind the scenes’ pictures, maybe of your team in their Christmas jumpers or putting the Christmas tree up. It helps your salon come across as friendly and approachable.

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6. Shout about your Opening Times

Are you open on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? Have you extended your opening hours during party season? If so, shout about it! Let your clients know as soon as possible so that they can book in. List your hours on your salon door, reception desk, website and social media to get the message out there.

If you have any last-minute cancellations, you could put these up on Facebook to see if anyone else would like the appointment. Just make sure you have somebody checking the account so you don’t miss any messages.

7. Think ahead to the upcoming quiet season

As the glittering lights of the Christmas season dim, it’s essential for salon owners to navigate the upcoming quiet season strategically. Post-Christmas, clients may experience a lull in their beauty and wellness routines. Anticipate this ebb in business by thinking ahead and implementing proactive measures.

Consider launching post-Christmas promotions, offering enticing packages, or introducing loyalty programs to keep clients engaged. Use this time to refresh and revamp your salon interior or invest in staff training to enhance skills and services.

Additionally, ramp up your digital presence with targeted marketing campaigns to attract new clientele. By anticipating the quieter period and implementing thoughtful strategies, your salon can weather the post-Christmas calm and emerge stronger, ensuring a steady flow of clients and sustained business vitality throughout the year.

8. Join in with the community

Embracing the festive spirit goes beyond the salon doors, and joining in with the community during Christmas time can amplify your salon business’s impact and connection in the community. Consider participating in local events or hosting charity drives to spread goodwill.

Collaborate with neighbouring businesses for cross-promotional initiatives; perhaps you could offer special discounts or pampering sessions for community leaders or influencers, which can foster positive word-of-mouth and strengthen local ties.

In Summary…

From dazzling client events to curated Christmas packages, each strategy we have touched upon here is designed to enhance your business and create memorable experiences for your clientele.

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Cheers to a merry and bright Christmas for both you and your cherished clients!

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