How to create the Frosted Bronde Illumina Color with Instamatic

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What is the Frosted Bronde look?

It’s not blonde and it’s not brown, it’s brondeIntroducing the latest winter hair trend… Frosted Bronde!

How do I create the colour?

Colour Formulas:

A. 30G Wella Illumina Color 6/76 + 30G Illumina Color 5/7 + 6% Welloxon Perfect.

B. 30G Wella Illumina Color 7/7 + 30G Illuina Color 6/196% Welloxon Perfect.

C. Blondor Freelights + Blondor Freelights Developer 12% (1:3)

D. Instamatic by Color Touch Jaded Mint + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%

E. Instamatic by Color Touch Ocean Storm + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%

Step 1:


Section the hair from ear to ear. Working from the crown down to the nape, take sections in a brick like pattern and apply Colour A to the roots stretching down a few inches. Continue working the technique from the crown to the front hair line.

Step 2:

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Create a triangle section on top of the head by taking a section from side temples to centre crown. Create 2 further sections on either side by taking a section from the crown to behind the ear and secure all sections with section clips.

Step 3:

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Starting at the back from the nape working up to the crown take large horizontal zig zag sections and alternate Colours B and C on to the mid-lengths and ends.

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Step 4: 

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For both side sections work from the hairline towards the crown taking diagonal zig zag sections apply Colour C to two sections and then apply Colour B to one section repeat this combination till both sides are complete. On the top triangle section apply Colour C to the mid-lengths and ends.

Step 5:


Once Development time is complete, remove the colour in the normal manner and tone the hair with with Colour D from below the crown back and small side sections just above the ear. All other remaining hair tone with Colour E.

What will the hair look like after applying Frosted Bronde Illumina Color?





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