Blondor Freelights: Iconic Ecaille, created by HESTER WERNET-RIJN

A bespoke colour service creating a new multi-tonal, natural look with beautifully places light and shade accents.



Colour A: Blondor Freelights + Freelights Developer 12%

Colour B: MAGMA by Blondor Limoncello + Clear Powder (1:3) + Freelights Developer 9%

Colour C: Colour Touch Relights /00 + Colour Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Step 1:

step 1


Using a deep v, freehand with FORMULA A – work in diagonal sections around the perimeter.

Step 2:


On the next section, apply FORMULA B to the mid-lengths only. Work up the head randomly, alternating formula A & B where you start and finish your application on each hair section.

Step 3:


Work up closer to the roots around the front hairline.

Step 4:


Once development time is reached, remove in the normal manner and gloss with formula C.


MAGMA by BLONDOR has been designed to be used with Freelights Developer for easier freehand application.

Applying the hair colour to different areas the hair lengths will create the Ecaille effect.

The cut


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Step 1:

Divide the hair into 2 sections. Create a strong baseline.


Step 2:


Direct the sides forward to create shape at the front.

Step 3:step 3

Over-direct the side up vertically and slice up.

Step 4:


Direct the top section forward and point cut, blending the tops and the sides.

The Styling


Step 1:


Apply EIMI Sugar Lift below blow-drying as a foundation to create volume and movement. Then use the Pro Curl 32mm to create large barrel curls. Clip the curls to hold.

Step 2:


Allow the curls to cool, leaving some ends loose.

Step 3:


Break up the curls using EIMI Ocean Spritz. To add a modern matte texture, use a bristle-brush and your hands.

Step 4:


Backcomb gently at the roots to create extra volume.

Create the look: Iconic Ecaille

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