How to create the Marbled Stone Look with Wella Professionals

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What is the Marbled Stone look?

The Marbled Stone look was created by Miguel Estreich, inspired by the way light plays with the mineral layers within the rocks. “There’s a rawness in things that is often overlooked: and that’s where the beauty lies.”

How do I create the colour?

Colour formulas:

A. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 9/81 + 9% Welloxon Perfect

B. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 7/18 + Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 9/81 + 9% Welloxon Perfect

C. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 7/18 + 6% Welloxon Perfect

D. Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 6/17 + 6% Welloxon Perfect

Step 1:


To create a deep, shadowy root, apply formula D to the root area and blend 2 inches down the hair.

Step 2:


Create two wavy oval sections, one on top of the head and another in the occipital area. Apply formula D to all the remaining hair.

Step 3:


Start with the section in the occipital area, dividing it in half horizontally. Apply formula A to the mid-lengths and ends of the lower half. Then divide the top half vertically into three sections (see illustration) and apply formula B and C alternately to the mid-lengths and ends of the three sections.

Step 4:


Take small square sections and alternate formulas A, B and C through the mid-lengths and ends.

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How do I cut the hair?

Step 1:


Start at the nape to create your baseline length. Move to the center nape, elevate and cut soft layers. Continue through to the top back section using the same angles.

Step 2:


Move to the top of the head, elevate straight up, cut at a horizontal finger angle.

Step 3:


Cut a rounded fringe falling just above the tip of the nose.

Step 4:


Direct the sides forward and blend the sides and the top. Remove the corners to create soft lines.

How do I style the hair?

Step 1:


While the hair is still wet, apply EIMI Root Shoot (coming soon) to the roots for additional lift.

Step 2:


Divide the hair into sections and twist each section. Dry the hair, using a small round brush to accentuate the movement of the hair.

Step 3:


Once dry, remove the twists with your fingers. Take a small amount of EIMI Grip Cream, rub between your palms and apply to the hair to create texture.

What will the hair look like after applying Marbled Stone Colour?


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