Created by Hester Wernert-Rijn using Magma & Freelights by Blondor and Instamatic

Delicate golden shadows added to emphasize the textured look full of movement and light.

“For me, it was all about creating this sense of feeling and emotion, a movement in hair that’s alive. Some of the cuts are really strong, but there’s always a soft line to them, something a little raw, which is cool because this trend is all about finding your true self. All six models had completely different looks, but they’re all in harmony thanks to this emphasis on individuality and a focus on beautiful light colours that you see are there, but that are so naturally done as to be seamless.”


Colour Formulas:

A. Magma /89 + 12% Blondor FREELIGHTS Developer

B. Magma /39 + 12% Blondor FREELIGHTS Developer

C. iNSTAMAT!C by Color Touch Jaded Mint + 1.9% Colour Touch Emulsion (1:1 mixing ratio)


Step 1:

Create a wide band around the hatline and work around the band applying formula A and B alternately in a V application.

Step 2:

Next, alternately layer formulas A & B on to the mid-lengths only. Next, alternately layer formulas A & B applying the product in a deep V down towards the ends.

Step 3:

Move to the top section taking waved sections and repear with formulas A &B application leaving a small waved circle at the crown uncoloured.

Step 4:

Once development time is complete shampoo the hair in the normal manner and finish by using Magma Post Treatment. Then for a Matt Gloss tone use formula C and develop for 5 minutes.



Enlightened Brunette

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