Put yourself in your client’s shoes. As soon as they walk through the door of your salon they will be most likely in one of two mindsets – apprehensive to be trying a new treatment/stylist or looking to completely relax and unwind.

A client’s first impression of your salon is crucial, and regardless of whether your salon serves a rural village or is positioned in the centre of a bustling city, their opinion of your salon business begins the moment they step inside your reception area.

The power of a warm, sincere greeting…

Your front desk receptionist will most likely be the first person to greet your client. It is at this initial point of personal contact that a high standard of customer service needs to be delivered, ensuring that your client feels comfortable and welcomed within your business.

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Having the right kind of employees working at your salon is imperative, so make sure your receptionist warmly greets each and every client as they enter the salon before letting the relevant stylist / therapist know they’ve arrived. This will put your customer at ease knowing that everything is in the capable hands of your team.

Keep your reception space tidy…

Remember that your reception may not be just an area that clients pass through on their way in or out of your salon. Clients may be waiting 10 minutes or so if they arrive early for their appointment or if their stylist/therapist isn’t quite ready for them. It is therefore very important to ensure that your reception area is properly maintained at all times. Delegate responsibility to a member of your team to ensure that this area is always free of dirt, clutter and any obstructions.

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Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.02.37.png

We recommend creating a reception area around a neat and tidy desk such as our REM Saturn Reception Desk which is illuminated to make the area even more eye catching and pleasing on the eye.

Not only does this desk clearly mark where your reception is, but it also provides space to include extra last minute counter top items for clients to purchase when paying for their service.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.09.00.png

If clients are waiting, they may want to flick through a magazine or two for inspiration or to generally pass the time, so make sure you have a selection of appropriate magazines accessible to your client. To prevent magazines looking untidy and dog eared, store them effectively using a magazine rack such as the Finesse Wall Mounted Rack.

Pay attention to your retailing strategy…


In an area where footfall is high, it is imperative that your reception area includes a place to merchandise and sell products. We have previously discussed the best approaches and the most effective ways to boost salon retail sales through clever merchandising, thus maximising profit for your salon business.

Think about those last minute purchases. Having just treated themselves to a service at your salon, a client will most likely be feeling uplifted and in the mood to spend more with your business if they have had a good experience. Why not add some smaller sized products to your reception area to encourage extra basket value?

We recommend…

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 16.01.42.png

Saturnia Sachet Display Deal by Pro Tan including 60 sachets and a free display stand of Pro Tans best sellers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 16.07.40.png

The Wow Brows Brow Therapy displays 15 powders (3 each of 5 shades) as well as 17 application brushes and 2 free powders, perfect for clients looking to groom or maintain brows.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 16.14.10.png

The Denman D6 Be-Bop Brights come in a 12 piece display featuring 12 massage brushes perfect for scalp massage during shampooing and for distributing gels, waxes and pomades during styling.

Atmosphere and mood..

Take the time to sit within your reception area to gauge how warm and how loud the area is. All of these factors dictate the atmosphere and mood of your salon which can result in the difference between a client feeling un-welcomed and relaxed. Would you want to sit there? Do you feel properly welcomed? Just how effective is your reception space at encouraging sales whilst remaining relaxed?

It is important to make sure your seating is comfortable and in good condition. Think about everything from soft furnishings, such as cushions, to fresh flowers and art work; this attention to detail will set your salon apart as being meticulous about customer service before a treatment has even got underway.

If you’re looking to update your reception area, take a look at our salon design of the month features including: The Chapel, Barber Barber and Not Another Salon as well as our dedicated reception and accessories section.

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