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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Curl Wow’ By Color Wow

Here at Salons Direct, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most innovative releases from your favourite brands. Curl Wow is one of the latest releases from the team at Color Wow that is specifically designed for your curly-haired clients. Keep reading to discover how Curl Wow completely departs from traditional curl products that leave heavy, oily coatings on hair or lock curls into rigid, crispy formations. 

Curl Wow features breakthrough NAKED TECHNOLOGY, so there’s no weight, no greasy feel, and no crunch. Just beautifully natural, juicy, frizz-free, naked curls.

The science behind Curl Wow’s Naked Technology

The secret behind Curl Wow’s NAKED TECHNOLOGY is Profaxil-18 ComplexTM, developed by Dr Joe Cincotta in Color Wows’ in-house lab. This complex breaks down the large particles in oils so that they can easily flow down the hair shaft and penetrate the cuticle. In addition, the MEA-18 component of this complex forms a weightless seal that locks in moisture smooths frizz AND feels dry to the touch. This has never been possible until now.


Innovative technology in every Curl Wow formula for healthier natural curl care every step of the way

Two models with curly hair

How does Curl wow’s Profaxil-18 complex work?

  • It breaks down the particle size of rich oils so that instead of sitting on hair’s surface in “greasy” pools, these oils are micro-dispersed and can easily penetrate and infuse curls with hydrating, lubricating moisture.
  • The MEA-18 rises to the surface of the strands, creating a glossy, weightless seal that locks in moisture, de-frizzes AND doesn’t feel greasy.

Discover the products in the Curl Wow range

Curl Wow Snag Free Detangler

Curl wow snag free product image



Color Wow believe it’s critical to condition curly hair BEFORE shampooing to prevent matting, tangles and breakage. Snag-Free is distributed through wet hair (not massaged on the scalp). Pracaxi Oil and Coconut Oil moisturize and create slip for easier shampooing, fresher results and reduced breakage.

Curl Wow Hooked Shampoo with Root-Locking Technology

Curl wow hooked shampoo product image



Color Wow’s shampoo is a total departure from a co-wash because it contains NO conditioners, silicones or moisturizing agents! Why? Because these ingredients do not easily rinse off, leaving residues that can cause scalp issues and hair loss.

The only ingredient left behind is proprietary Procapil®, which helps “anchor” hair at the roots to stop shedding. IT’S IMPORTANT that conditioning takes place before and after shampooing, NOT during, for the healthiest results.

Curl Wow Coco Motion Conditioner

Curl wow coco motion product image



Dehydrated, curly texture tends to be motionless because hair’s internal protein chains are dry, stiff and need lubrication. Color Wow created Coco-Motion with rich Marula Oil, Coconut Oil and their proprietary Profaxil-18 Complex to lubricate the inner protein chains, which lack moisture. Instantly, curls have bounce, elasticity, silky-soft texture and fluid motion.

FLO-ETRY Vital Natural Serum 

Curl wow flo entry product image



Curly-textured hair can be very dry and dehydrated. Why? Because natural scalp oil (sebum) doesn’t easily flow down through the twists and turns of each strand. So Color Wow created Flo-etry to mimic the natural sebum, giving moisture-deprived curls the vital oil they need.

This is only possible because our Profaxil-18 Complex™ micro-disperses the Jojoba, Pequi, and Coconut Oils so they can flow down the length of each curl. Clinically proven to provide 84% less breakage.

SHOOK Mix + Fix Bundling Spray

Product image of curl wow shook



The secret to this bi-phase technology is a layer of weightless polymers AND a layer of rich moisturizing oils (Jojoba, Rice Bran, Passion Flower, Grape Seed Oils, plus Curl Wow’s proprietary Proxfaxil-18 Complex). Mixed, they deliver perfectly bundled, soft, silky, de-frizzed and defined curls that will leave you shook. Clinically proven to reduce frizz by 78% in high humidity.

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