Bed Head styling heroes – The secret to individual style!

When it comes to hair, we believe everyone should have the freedom to be experimental. Sometimes it takes courage to show your individuality, Bed Head lets everyone push boundaries for absolute self-expression.

New ideas often evolve from the youthful community of East London. It was here, in this paradise of hypnotizing neon lights and vintage signs, the TIGI Creative Team chose their location for the latest urban photo shoot. A creative hub for artists, designers, and media savvy to come together and get inspired.

Get the style inspiration to create the ultimate cocktail for head-turning hairstyles with attitude…

Loose Movement

Whether your client is looking for added body, texture of movement; create loose waves for that ultimate casual feel with volume that lasts all day.

Step 1: Spray Superstar Queen For A Day on damp hair between layers from roots to ends to give volume and texture.

Step 2: Blast dry the hair using fingers to remove excess moisture.

Step 3: With a medium round brush, blow-dry the hair upwards in sections to add lift and create the shape.

Step 4: Spray Headrush from mid-lengths to ends for added shine.

Watch the video:


Pixie Undercut

Worn by the kind of girl who knows exactly who she is, spice up your clients look with this classically cool and effortless style.

Step 1: To prep for styling, work 1 pump of After Party between the hands and distribute evenly on damp hair.

Step 2: Spray Superstar Queen For A Day between layers of the hair.

Step 3: Blow-dry the hair using fingers to remove excess moisture. Then use a round brush to create the shape.

Step 4: Once dry, work 1 pump of After Party in the hands and apply evenly throughout the hair for extra shine.

Watch the video:

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