As much as we’d all love to tell difficult clients to STAY AWAY, sadly good business sense means we have to grin and bear it.

A lot of the time though, if your client isn’t happy, maybe there’s things your salon could be doing better, especially if you want to keep them coming back. This blog will feature 5 handy tips on dealing with difficult clients.

1. It starts with your team!

Your team is the embodiment of your salon. You want your team to create an infectious energy that spreads right throughout the salon and makes your salon a place where all customers are happy to be in. As well as having technical skills, your staff must have customer service ‘on the brain’ at all times. They need to be polite, friendly and have enough empathy to gauge what approach is best for each customer.

2. Know your clients

One off clients become regulars because they like the service and have a bond with the staff. Don’t just wash and cut your clients hair but get to know them, not only will this ensure the client feels more comfortable telling you what they want but will also go a long way to ensuring the client’s relationship with your salon is always positive.

3. Dealing with negative customers

Whilst it is true that some people are moaners who never seem happy, don’t let this perception of a client dictate how you treat them. If a difficult client does return to the salon, rather than thinking “here we go again”, treat them as if they were your favourite client. If this doesn’t work, it might even be worth treating them to a trip to a café, you never know, you might find out an underlying reason why they are unhappy with your service which you hadn’t previously considered.

4. Dealing with anger

Picture the scene, you are still getting told off by an unhappy customer 20 minutes after the colour job is complete. First thing, don’t get angry in return, raising your voice will only further agitate the client. Remember, she isn’t shouting at you but at the salon. Instead of taking it personally, let her get it off her chest without interrupting before offering a solution. If she’s making a scene at the front desk, invite her into your office, keep your cool and be display as much empathy as possible.

5. Follow up

If you’ve presented a solution to a client’s problem with your service, go the extra mile and follow up to check they are satisfied. Just little things go along way, for example, if you have had to refund a client, phone up 10 days later to ensure they money has gone through or in other cases, send a hand written note apologising for whatever has gone wrong. This might buy you a second chance from the client but failing that, will at least leave them with a positive feeling about your business.

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