Natural-looking colour with softer and more delicate placement.

This look uses a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques with different placements of depths and tones around the face and within the interior to create the deception of light and shade.

Dark colours are great to shorten and narrow the face shape, light colours help to add length and width. This changes the appearance of any face shape by defining and re-contouring facial features and incorporated with the colour equation ehances natural skin tone and eye colour to their most attractive beauty effect.

Technique: Freehand and triangle technique
Face shape: Rectangle


Colour Formulas:

A Koleston Perfect 6/97 + Welloxon Perfect Developer 6%
B Koleston Perfect 8/97 + Welloxon Perfect Developer 9%
C Koleston Perfect 10/97 + Welloxon Perfect Developer 12%
D Color Touch 9/97 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% + Wella Post Color Treatment (1:1:1)


Step 1: Take a section from each temple to the top of the head creating a triangle section, leave this free. Take a centre parting from the triangle peak to just below the crown area, work in a diagonal to just below the ear one each side. Clip the top two sections from temple to behind the ear away, leaving a large triangle section free at the back of the head.


Step 2: Start at the back large triangle section. Working in a brick horizontal pattern, from the top centre to the nape apply colour A from root to ends.


Step 3: Work from the next crown in the next section towards the front triangle and apply colour formula A at the root and colour B on the length and ends.


Step 4: In the remaining front triangle apply colour formula B at the root area and colour C on the length and ends. Develop, gently rinse, shampoo and condition with Wella Care Post Treatment Service Conditioner and towel dry. Finish the service by applying colour D. Develop, rinse well and condition with Wella Care Post Treatment Service Conditioner.



Step 1: Divide the hair into 2 sections and take out a large section at the back. Gather the hair into the centre nape, use a razor and cut the hair to desired length to create a soft edge.


Step 2: Continue the technique into the sides, keeping the front at a longer angled length.


Step 3: Section the top of the head in a horse shoe from the left to right temple. Use a point cutting technique through the top section. Taking radial sections, blend in the top and the sides.


Step 4: Blow-dry the fringe first then point cut the desired length.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Shape Me on damp hair. Start at the nape of the neck with a medium round brush and blow-dry in a upward motion to create volume.


Step 2: Use a few round brushes through the top section and dry the hair in an upward motion to enhance volume. Curl each section around a brush and leave in the hair to cool for an extra lift.


Step 3: Work through the hair with a styling iton and create backward and forward bend movements randomly. Finish off with EIMI Perfect Me to perfect the look.


Why natural colour looks can drive your colour business:

55% of women are after “subtle and natural-looking hair colour” in salons which is the #1 requested look. Make your salon the destination for colour expertise and style consultation and she’ll come back more and more often to get the latest on-trend looks as she knows only you will give her the best beauty results.