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Today, we’re talking about keratin hair treatments from NanoKeratin.  NanoSmooth is the UK’s leading smoothing product. It is a revolutionary hair care management system design to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine.

NanoKeratin System has developed a unique Biomimetic technology where-by it breaks down keratin to a micro molecular size enabling it to penetrate into the hair shaft to create smooth, manageable hair even to those with the most unruly hair types. You can expect to see an increase in shine, less frizz and an easier styling process overall.

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What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein, the main structural building block for hair, skin and nails. In hair terms, when the outer layer of keratin becomes damaged, the hair becomes porous and damaged causing tangles, frizz, breakage and for it to not hold hair colour as well.

How do Keratin treatments work?

Kertain treatments are restorative processes that add the nutrients and proteins back into the hair to eliminate frizz to create smooth and shiny hair that lasts up to 12 weeks.

How can introducing your clients to NanoSmooth boost profits in your salon?

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Step by Step

Step 1:

  1. Shampoo hair using NanoSmooth Priming Shampoo for 1-2 minutes, rinsing very well.
  2. Shampoo again for a further 5 minutes, again rinsing very well.
  3. Gently towel dry
  4. Using hairdryer without a brush, dry the hair until 100% dry.

Step 2:

5. Shake suitable NanoKeratin NanoSmooth Recharge Cream well.

Natural hair: Recharge Enhancing Therapy Cream
Coloured hair: Recharge Nourishing Anti Fade Cream
Chemically treated hair: Recharge Therapy Cream

For short hair/bob – pour 20ml into a bowl.
For medium hair – pour 30ml into a bowl.
For long hair – pour 40ml into a bowl.

6. Section hair into 4 and apply the product. Comb hair downwards to remove excess product- keep it for further usage.

7. Wait 40-60 minutes so the product is well absorbed, then rinse hair without using any shampoo, conditioner or mask.

8. Using a hairdryer and a brush, dry the hair until 100% dry.

Step 3:

You simply use the priming shampoo to cleanse the hair before applying the keratin treatment to the hair, then use heat to seal in the proteins. Results for clients can last up to 12 weeks.

Discover the NanoSmooth starter kit – the perfect kit for smoothing and nourishing your client’s hair. It allows you to defrizz and recharge your clients’ hair quickly and effectively.  Based on Patented Biomimetic Technology with formulas generously enriched with natural ingredients, your clients will be leaving your salon with manageable, sleek, beautiful hair.

Want to boost retail profit within your salon?

NanoSmooth also offers you a wonderful retail opportunity.  Each treatment has its own shampoo, conditioner and mask to help prolong and enhance the treatment. You can upsell the home care range to ensure your client’s hair stays beautiful and manageable.

Natural hair:

Coloured hair:

Chemically treated hair:

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