Looking for a rapid hair colour solution that will save you time without compromising on quality? Discover new Indola XpressColor. Indola’s latest innovation offers a 3x faster process time guarantee, meaning you can see more clients in the same amount of time.

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Indola XpressColor

Indola XpressColor

The XpressColor range comes in 14 shades from light blonde, through to warm brown and deep black, all developed with a processing time of just 10 minutes! Whether your client is looking for grey coverage, root retouching, or creative colour, Indola XpressColor is a fantastic choice – XpressColor is a permanent hair colour to be used with a low-percentage developer of 6%.

Achieve high-performance results, in less time with Indola XpressColour…

Indola XpressColor

Commenting on XpressColor, Global Ambassador, Paddy McDougall said: “When you’re juggling your client list, time is of the essence and every minute counts. So, having a range of colours which develop in around 10 minutes is fantastic. Lunch hour appointments, salon drop-ins and quick fixes are now achievable, without compromising on the quality thanks to XpressColor.”

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