Looking for your nearest hair, beauty or barbering salon that offers vegan treatments and/or uses vegan certified products? Check out Salons Direct’s Vegan salon map of the UK! Our fantastic interactive map highlights EXACTLY where you can find the very best vegan and cruelty-free salons here in the UK.  Zoom in and click the individual icons on the map to find out more about each salon and where to find them on social to follow the brilliant work they’re doing.

We’ve Launched A Vegan Salon Map Of The UK!

Here at Salons Direct, we recently launched a whole new section of our website, featuring 100% Vegan salon supplies. We are proud to stock a number of fantastic cruelty-free and Vegan brands including Pulp Riot, Voesh, Trillion Tones. So if you’re thinking of following in the footsteps of some of the amazing salons featured on our map, we can help point you in the right direction.

Discover exclusive Q&A’s with some of the Vegan salons featured on the map!

We love getting to know the salon owners who are innovating and making waves within the salon industry. And as Veganism and sustainability continue to dominate our industry, we caught up with the salon teams rising to the challenge. Check out our exclusive interviews with the founders of the Tranquilla Rose salon based in Cornwall, as well as the Mane Angels salon in Dundee and the Pixal Rose salon in Swindon.

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Q&A with one of the Vegan salons featured on the map

And to give you a sneak peek of the kinds of things you can expect from our Q&A’s…We caught up with the lovely Nataya from Manchester’s Nataya Beauty to find out more about her vegan salon…

“I founded Nataya Beauty in 2014. It has been important for us to show that beauty can be achieved without unnecessary cruelty to living creatures. ie animal testing and the use of animal by-products within our range of products. We are so happy that Salons Direct are supporting the vegan ethics and lifestyle, which in turn, also opens up the floor for conversation and thought.”

How does your salon cater to Vegans?

We extensively research the brands and products we use to ensure all of our offerings are safe and Cruelty-Free without compromising on variety and choice. This leaves our clients feeling confident and worry free about any of the treatments we provide. Vegan products are a way to be sure what you are using is natural and as nature intended and that’s what beauty should be at the very least; as nature intended.

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Tell us more about the salon how it began what it stands for…

At Nataya Beauty we specialise in enhancing natural beauty using organic, vegan and cruelty-free products. This includes natural nail repair and strengthening, manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, spray tanning and lash lifts. There are plenty of studies that show the impact of what we put in and on our bodies that can result in a negative and sometimes fatal impact. This is why we feel the need, as beauticians, to make the right long term choices for our clients, as beauty products can be ingested through the skin on a daily basis. Giving these options as standard gives our clients peace of mind when visiting our salon.

Why is it important to cater to Veganism in 2019?

Veganism is becoming more popular than ever before and is starting to be widely catered for across the beauty, fashion and catering sectors in particular. Beauty suppliers are also acknowledging this by creating “vegan” and “sustainable” shopping sections, which helps salon owners to shop or at least consider greener options. We are both excited and fully supportive of this shift towards Veganism and hope we can provide a safe haven and a supportive community to every client that walks through our doors. 

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