Hairstylists, we’ve got an exciting new collection to show you today, and it’s going to transform how you do blonding treatments forever! You really won’t want to miss out on this one. 

Salons Direct is joined by the incredible INDOLA, to discuss the brand new Blonde Expert range. The collection has a proven superior quality in comparison to other professional products on the market – all at an affordable price. It’s now easier than ever to become the ultimate blonde expert!

This season is all about the inspiring world of blondes, with all commercial & on-trend blonde looks made accessible with the new Blonde Expert range from INDOLA. Are you ready to find out more? 

Read on to discover the new Blonde Expert from INDOLA…

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Why choose INDOLA Blonde Expert

It’s no secret that blonding services are super popular, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your technique and knowledge are up to scratch on all things blonde.

INDOLA has recently re-formulated the Blonde Expert range to meet every demand, helping every hairstylist to become the expert. This range will without a shadow of a doubt provide professionals with unrivaled performance and amazing results – all at an affordable price! It’s a win-win for both the client and the hairstylist. 

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What’s new from INDOLA Blonde Expert 

Let’s take a look at what’s new from the INDOLA Blonde Expert range in a little more detail: 

  • The collection is INDOLA’s strongest lightening performance ever, available now with up to 9 levels of lift for clean and bright blonde results. 

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  • The collection includes Highlifts and Pastels in brand new shades – 25 to be precise. Perfect for creating incredible on-trend looks that can be completely tailored to every clients’ desired finish and hair type.  

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  • A brand new Ultra Cool Booster and Ultra Lift Booster, which are additional mix-in products to be used for achieving next-level blonde results. 

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  • Integrated Hair Bond Technology across the entire Blonde Expert range, perfect for providing maximum hair protection during the high-lifting and lightening processes. 

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  • Modernised and more sustainable packaging, to align with INDOLA’s core values. The brand is entirely committed to reducing their impact on the environment wherever possible. 

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Hear from the experts 

Here’s what Paddy McDougall (a global ambassador for INDOLA) had to say about his go-to INDOLA product: 

Blonde Expert offers the perfect performance, range, and versatility to cover all your blonde needs. 

The Blonde Expert Pre-Lightener has been one of my hero products for a long time, and it’s now back better than ever, with 9 levels of lift and a brand new Ultra Cool Booster which you can intermix for additional neutralisation while lightening. This ensures a clean lift – even on the darkest of bases. 

What makes Blonde Expert special is the integrated Hair-Bond Technology which creates a protective layer around the natural bonds, helping ensure the integrity of the fabric of the hair is maintained throughout the process.” 

Want to know how you can use the Blonde Expert Highlifts to create an ultra-blended result whilst also further illuminating blonde hair bases? You’re in luck! Watch this mini-masterclass below from Indola’s UK ambassador, Abbey Jarrold. 


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The Blonde Expert range at a glance

Now that you’ve heard from the experts and what’s new with the Blonde Expert range, let’s briefly go into each product in this incredible collection – so you can know what to expect. 

Blonde Expert Lightener 

The Blonde Expert Lightener is for maximum lift with minimised damage, thanks to the integrated Hair Bond Technology. The Blonde Expert Lightener includes up to 9 lift levels, whilst also being a super high performing and reliable professional bleach. Perfect for achieving clean and light results!

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Blonde Expert Ultra Cool Booster

The Blonde Expert Ultra-Cool Booster is an additive for additional neutralising performance. This product is specially designed to always be mixed with Blonde Expert Lightener for incredible results. 

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Blonde Expert Ultra lift Booster 

The Ultra life Booster is a professional additive, specially designed for additional lifting performance on natural bases (up to 6 lift levels).

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Blonde Expert Highlift 

The Blonde Expert Highlift is perfect for lifting and toning natural bases – in just one application. The Blonde Expert Highlift is available in 3 separate ranges, depending on the lift levels desired. These include:

  • Special Blonde 1000.
  • Ultra Blonde 100.
  • Ultra Blonde +Blend.


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Blonde Expert Pastel Shades 

Last, but certainly not least, we have the incredible Blonde Expert Pastel Shades. Perfect for toning and neutralising natural blonde or bleached hair. The Blonde Expert Pastel Shades are intermixable and super gentle to the hair – whilst also having a very low ammonia content. 

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The Blonde Expert collection from INDOLA offers unbeatable results, with the professional in full control. You can find the entire INDOLA Blonde Expert range over on the Salons Direct website, so be sure to stock up whilst you can! Be sure to tag @salonsdirect and @indolauk using the hashtag #blondeexpert in all of your Blonde Expert looks for the chance to be featured! 

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